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Putin'>President Vladimir Putin said this week that Moscow was ready to help defend Saudi Arabia if Riyadh buys Russian weapons @Max_A_Suchkov 

Putin'>Vladimir Putin visited an Agency for Strategic Initiatives exhibition of innovative projects focused on improving the quality of life

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Zelenskyy is Putin’s golden opportunity to realize his goals in UkraineAndrei Illarionov

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"The last thing the United States needs heading into a presidential election year is an emboldened Putin, this time with his favorite candidate wielding the powers of the presidency," @Kasparov63  writes

Mutual learning between AI and humans seems promising, says Putin:

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With Putin cracking down on democracy, Russian Jews are increasingly moving to Israel

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History will not be kind to Obama re Trump and Putin. He vastly underestimated both. And showed it, in both cases, publicly. Presidents can't do that.


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Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?

I don't know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy - yet Obama can make a deal with Iran, #1  in terror, no problem!

Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?

We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer  and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!

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Had a long and very good conversation with President Putin of Russia. As I have always said, long before the Witch Hunt started, getting along with Russia, China, and everyone is a good thing, not a bad thing....

FDR didn’t meet w/ the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. George H.W. Bush didn’t meet w/ Saddam after Iraq invaded Kuwait. And George W. Bush didn’t meet w/ Bin Laden after 9/11. So tell me, , what does America get out of you meeting w/ Putin after he attacked us?

I would say that I completely believe President Trump misspoke and that he has full faith and confidence in the members of our intelligence community and understands that Putin and Russia were fully responsible for intervening in our election. Sorry. I meant wouldn’t.

You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia – but the Election was on Tuesday? Let’s blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from Putin'>President Putin!

BREAKING: and I just made a motion in House Intel Committee to subpoena the American interpreter during the summit — the only witness to Trump’s meeting with Putin. This is an extraordinary remedy, but Trump’s actions necessitate it. Republicans voted it down.

Happily talk re: my contact w Mr. Putin & his associates, took place in '03 in full view of press & public under oath. Would you &your team?