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Damaging thunderstorms will track through the northern Plains ahead of a push of cooler air at the end of the week:

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States are rushing to push through bans on e-cigarettes for anyone under 21 after 7 deaths and hundreds of illnesses were tied to a mysterious lung ailment linked to vaping. Yet it's unclear whether the new regulations could have much immediate effect.

Neuer & Ter Stegen | “I think it’s a joke” – Barcelona player in growing controversy – Told he has ‘no right’ to push for national place. Uli Hoeneß has had a rant. #fcblive  #fcb 

Fiscal, monetary options largely exhausted, structural reforms critical to push GDP growth #ETMarkets  #MarketsNews  #BizNews  #MarketsUpdate 

Democrats dubious of Trump administration’s push to renew controversial spy power, @washingtonpost  rpts:

‘For god’s sake, trust judiciary of India’: PM @narendramodi  on push for Ram mandir

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Burger King and McDonalds phase out plastic toys in UK green push by @OscarWGrut 

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Sen. Joel Villanueva says Senate Finance Committee will push for inclusion of P1.5B in TESDA’s proposed 2020 budget to fund training and other programs under the Tulong Trabaho Act. The item is unfunded due to belated completion of the law’s IRR | via @InaReformina 

Facebook partners with Ray-Ban in a push to make smart glasses a thing #Facebook  #rayban 


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Just 16, @GretaThunberg  is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates. Recognizing that her generation will bear the brunt of climate change, she’s unafraid to push for real action. She embodies our vision at the @ObamaFoundation : A future shaped by young leaders like her.

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.....Congresswomen, who I truly believe, based on their actions, hate our Country. Get a list of the HORRIBLE things they have said. Omar is polling at 8%, Cortez at 21%. Nancy Pelosi tried to push them away, but now they are forever wedded to the Democrat Party. See you in 2020!

Why didn’t you say something? I did. Why didn’t you push him off? I did. Why didn’t you cuss him out? I did. Why didn’t you tell the police? I did. Why didn’t you press charges? I did. Why did you just let it happen? I didn’t. Why didn’t you beat him up? (Sigh)

@Real_Liam_Payne you wouldn't dare push me seriously **boy ! You know the consequences

Always push yourself to be better than the day before

Cmon ireland ! Let's go ! Last push !