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Two firefighters in Utah are melting hearts after they let a child give them purple manicures to help keep her calm after a car accident

We should rename generations based on the Lucky Charms marshmallow timeline. I'm Generation Blue Diamond. 💗 Pink Hearts (1964-1974) 🔷 Blue Diamonds (1975-1982) 🧲 Purple Horseshoes (1983-1994) 🌚 Blue Moons (1995-2007) ⏳ Hourglass (2008-2017) 🦄 Unicorns (2018-??)

💜🙏 Kelly Cheatham is turning her Hoover neighborhood purple as a show of support for the family of 3-year-old Kamilla McKinney, the Birmingham girl who was kidnapped nearly a week ago. Cheatham hopes the ribbons help keep little Kamilla on everyone's hearts and minds 💜🙏

Two firefighters in Utah are melting hearts after they let a child give them purple manicures to help keep her calm after a car accident

The soldiers of Special Operations Task Force 102 earned five Silver Star medals, seven Bronze Star medals with Valor devices, 15 Army Commendation medals with Valor devices and 21 Purple Hearts in one deployment.

"Silver Star, four Purple Hearts, Ranger, he's got quite a background," said Landmark Monuments manager Patrick Helverson shortly before installing a new brick for former U.s. Army Capt. Patrick McNulty.

Pres Trump spent about 50 minutes visiting wounded warriors at @WRBethesda  and presenting 5 with Purple Hearts. Then Marine One brought him back to the WH. He crossed the South Lawn to the Oval Office. Didn't stop for questions this time.

Trump is helicoptering to Walter Reed National MilitaryMedical Center. He says he will award five Purple Hearts. The decoration is awarded to those wounded or killed in action.

She stole our hearts in Orange Is the New Black. She killed it on Broadway in The Color Purple. But @thedanieb  has only just begun to show the world her true colors. Check out her chat with @BrandonVoss .

He received a Medal of Honor, 2 Silver Stars, 6 Bronze Stars, and 8 Purple Hearts en route to 115 confirmed kills.

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"FaceTime with my shorty on tour and she texting purple hearts cuz she know that we at war"

The Battle of Hue was among the longest and bloodiest of the Vietnam War. "Our company experienced 23 KIAs, and individuals within the company were awarded 181 additional Purple Hearts." — Brig. Gen. Downs, a commander on the ground in Hue 50 years ago today.

Us “ignorant hillbillies “ watched Stzrok hearings too Congressman Cohen and we don’t think he deserves a Purple Heart. Purple Hearts are for Patriots

A few weeks ago, lost her father, a World War II veteran wounded twice in the Battle of the Bulge, earning him two purple hearts and a bronze star; married for 70 years; beloved and respected. RIP and deepest condolences.

The dude attacking my newspaper over the Moore story can't remember how many purple hearts he supposedly has.

Fox News featured a Navy SEAL veteran who said he earned 22 commendations and 2 Purple Hearts. It wasn’t true.

We must honor victims of Ft. Hood terrorist attack w/ Purple Hearts. All we need is a Presidential signature: