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Pure Playoff Privilege and BRAND of OU would carry the day IMO. Until we go to 8 the system STINKS out loud!

I REPEAT @Utah_Football  shouldn’t be penalized for @WinTheDay  gaffe tonight. Here’s where PURE PLAYOFF PRIVILEGE comes in. The Committee will easily dismiss the Utes because Oregon’s loss tonight diminishes a Title win against them. Committee needs to address Utah’s success!

Tim Brando: The College Football Playoff Committee’s biggest issue lies out West with Utah | FOX Sports ; you’ll get the same Contrived Transparency tonight and FPI dude will explain why Utah’s an outlier tonight. Pablum & Pure Playoff Privilege tonight!

@TimBrando : "The great landscape of college football has been largely ignored because all the committee cares about are 4 or 5 teams. It’s all about branding. It’s all about who brings in big cash. God forbid we have somebody in that’s not part of the pure playoff privilege."

Disagree with this notion that @AlabamaFTBL  w/ a loss may be done this season.The Tide never falls far & won’t again if LSU wins a close game. @KirkHerbstreit  made the point about their weak schedule up to this point and he’s right.Pure Playoff Privilege is theirs.Eye Test cover!

Tim Brando makes compelling case for Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma still having shot at CFP ;despite what ya may be hearing in the land of“it just means more” @AlabamaFTBL ⁩ isn’t alone when it comes to Pure Playoff Privilege! @OU_Football ⁩ not dead.

Sorry Sir,the current system of Pure Playoff Privilege lends to advantages a Country Club member gets over a player at a Municipal Golf course. You lack a True National Playoff when that occurs.

...and they’ll continue blowing it with just 4 teams. These paths of least resistance will not go away. Believe it or not, there’s a ton of parity in CFB. It just doesn’t show up in the Pure Playoff Privilege era. Same teams, same stories and no surprise teams allowed.

Say what ya like. They was a disappointment and it’s unfortunate for Haskins who did his best tonight. Their body of work simply not enough given what happened today clearly gets the nod over them, but Georgia could still be in it! Pure Playoff Privilege

The truth is this event has become a “SUN BELT” only event that happens to get Notre Dame this year. Oh, and thy don’t need a 13th data point. Ummm wonder why? Pure Playoff Privilege. I’ll not regurgitate the status quo to make the Suits at the feel great about this!


Most relevant

Pure Playoff Privilege being touted on the World Wide Leader. Let’s keep it at Four because LSU and Alabama is a Playoff game. Anyone buying that rhetoric has their heads firmly in the sand. Let’s just keep this Closed Country Club for elites alone! Shall we? What pablum. Uggh.

Pure. Playoff. Privilege. With Alabama being the only team 'on cruise control' to the playoff, says it’s time to extend and it’s time to extend now.

“We don’t need to have this first reveal until late November. The pure playoff privilege era continues.” The first round of College Football Playoff rankings will be revealed Tuesday. According to , maybe a little too soon? 🤔

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Tim Brando: Second half of college football season is ‘pure playoff privilege’ | FOX Sports