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4/ Texas lawmakers were repeatedly warned that the hemp law would complicate marijuana prosecutions. The Texas Department of Public Safety told lawmakers that the additional drug testing resources needed would cost millions.

What appears far more likely is that Trudeau lobbied his Attorney General so fiercely & persistently to overturn her Director of Public Prosecutions' independent decision to proceed with the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, is that he saw it as politically advantageous for himself

A file is now being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions

LIVESTREAM: Former national director of public prosecutionsMxolisi Nxasana appears before the judicial inquiry into state capture on Monday.

File will now be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions

(3) The ethics commissioner, appointed by Trudeau, says Trudeau & his seconds abused their power in Lavscam in trying to get J W-R to overturn the independent decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions not to grant a DPA to SNC-Lavalin and to proceed with criminal charges.

The more one reviews the Trudeau II ethics report the more unpleasant is the odour "When asked if he, or his office, had undertaken a study or analysis of the economic impacts of the Director of Public Prosecutions' decision, Mr. Morneau testified that none had been conducted."

In a statement, @Puglaas  calls today's report a "vindication of the independent role of the Attorney General and of the Director of Public Prosecutions."

'Mr. Bouchard also noted a proposal suggested by SNC-Lavalin: Ms. McLachlin would be asked to preside over a settlement conference between the Director of Public Prosecutions and SNC-Lavalin over the ongoing legal matters ...'

“I am grateful for commissioner Mario Dion’s thorough report. It represents a vindication of the independent role of the attorney general and of the director of public prosecutions in criminal prosecutions — and reinforces for Canadians how essential it is to our democracy ...


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National Director of Public Prosecutions Advocate Shamila Batohi does not want the NPA to merely prosecute people who plundered public funds, but make sure they recoup the money lost through corruption.

The NPA confirmed that its deputy director for public prosecutions in the provincial sexual offences and community affairs unit has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Given 's lawsuit against , is the suggesting Canadians have #PMOno  right to express the opinion that & the acted inappropriately in urging to overturn the Director of Public Prosecutions' decision to prosecute SNC-Lavalin?

You know Kenya is an interesting country when the Director of Public Prosecutions feels compelled to share a list of the tribes of suspects his office has charged to rebuff claims of skewed prosecution or tribal profiling. #JKLive 

President #Ramaphosa : After consideration of their recommendations, I have decided, in terms of section 179 of the Constitution, to appoint Adv Shamila Batohi as the new National Director of Public Prosecutions.

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BREAKING: Prosecutors are now considering whether to lay charges over the raid leaks from jobs minister Michaelia Cash's office, after the AFP referred its FULL brief of evidence to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Starmer’s Litany of Failure as Director of Public Prosecutions

BREAKING: Was Director of Public Prosecutions Who Didn’t Prosecute Worboys For 75 Sex Assaults:

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Keir Starmer's Litany of Failure as Director of Public Prosecutions:

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