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Critics slam Trump’s ‘pathological obsession’ with Obama — and what it reveals about his ‘disturbing’ psyche

There are many cultures. But only one psychology? Can culture affect the fundamental aspects of our psyche, such as our perception? These are questions worth investigating particularly as #psychology  was developed largely in North America & Europe.

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What teeth grinding reveals about your psyche

<start new game> Greetings. You are the chosen one. Your grandfather has kept this secret for your entire life after finding you as an orphan. The area king is not down with this. Psyche! Off to jail you go. Oh look, it’s your new best friend!

Enrich your mind and understand others better with these ten audiobooks on the human psyche.

Eddie Money, who died on Friday, contributed a series of earworms that have burrowed themselves into the American pop psyche.

Jude Pedrozo hopes this is the only time you read his name. A look into the psyche of @MSU_Football 's new long snapper.

It’s September 13th...which means we have five whole months ahead of us of hearing how totally committed Joaquin Phoenix was to getting into the tortured psyche of the Joker before the Oscars. I’m sure it will fly by.

Congress leader @ShashiTharoor  will talk about the 'New India' and the changes in the country's psyche at India Today #ConclaveMumbai19 . Here's your chance to be a part of the Intelligence Exchange. #Promo 

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Lucy Ellmann's doorstopper of a novel, consisting almost entirely of just a single run-on sentence, goes deep into the contemporary American female psyche.


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Your whole psyche, your whole mind, your process of thinking has to be changed because you are able to master whatever you put your heart and mind to. And you can master it with degrees of excellence.

Wow - the most common causes of US death, vs the amount of media attention they get. Unsurprisingly, violence is hugely overblown. Terrorism, for example, is over-represented by a factor of 4000. Imagine what this does to the public’s psyche? via @OurWorldInData 

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Instagram should put a ban on all photoshop on their platform, this isn’t good for the psyche, and I think we could lower suicide rates.

Something really bad happened to the @Yankees  psyche--much like our President!

These dismissive men have no clue the fierce reaction they’re summoning. From deep within the psyche of millions of American women will emerge a power the likes of which they have never seen. #justyouwait 

But they still want us to pay to protect them from Russia, while they send billions there for natural gas. Imagine what has to have happened to the psyche of a nation to not have the desire to defend itself?

this display of this president’s psyche is unsettling to watch

Fmr. GOP Sen. Gordon Humphrey says Trump has a "sick psyche" & is unfit for the presidency, "least of all the office of Commander-in-Chief."

Hate Me Love Me Doesn't Matter I'm Still Occupying Time Inside Of Your Psyche.