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FYI, after today, White House staff have effectively been folded into the white supremacy propaganda operation. Your choice - stay or go.
When @realDonaldTrump speaks to the Boy Scouts it's political but when the left shoves gay propaganda down their throats it's educational
Sinclair media is propaganda for the White House, and expanding their media ownership. Pls be vocal about stopping them. #sinclairisfake
I am calling on @StateDept to use funding that Congress has authorized to counter Russian propaganda & disinfo:
Macron attacks RT and Sputnik as propaganda organs. Nobody has done this in front of Putin before.
WATCH: 1947 film released by U.S. War Dept. cites Nazi propaganda to show how hatred of minorities can be used to stoke political fanaticism
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The propaganda coming out of trump, Spicer, Conway et al is textbook communist BS we got growing up. The similarity is quite chilling...
Your local news could be forced to run conservative propaganda if Sinclair Broadcasting gets its way. Sign here:
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Trump is sent a folder full of positive news about himself, known as “the propaganda document,” twice a day:
This is propaganda, pure and simple. Autocracies do this, not democracies.
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