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The Holocaust began with words -- and in the era of the internet & social media, the power of propaganda is more devastating than ever.

But education & knowledge can help prevent genocide.
1) WH puts out a false talking point that essentially absolves the Russians of election interference
2) Russian propaganda arm embraces it and gives signal boost
Snowflake, believing online propaganda: "OMG w/o net neutrality, the Internet is gone!" Informed observer: "You know, the FCC issued that rule in 2015. The Internet grew up wonderfully free from govt regulation & this restores the status quo ante." Snowflake: "Uh, never mind..."
Trump-Russia collusion is the most successful Russian-Democrat-media propaganda operation ever
Narratives that just died:

-- African Americans won't turn out

-- Trump's formidable last minute entry will swing election

-- Pro-choice stance doomed Jones

-- Bannon's use of Nazi/Soviet propaganda techniques was fiendishly brilliant
FYI, after today, White House staff have effectively been folded into the white supremacy propaganda operation. Your choice - stay or go.
The amount of white supremacist propaganda on college campuses in the U.S. increased 258 percent between fall 2016 and fall 2017
The Corbyn spy smear is the moment the UK press crossed line from right wing propaganda to Breitbart style fake news... #ChangeIsComing
The propaganda coming out of trump, Spicer, Conway et al is textbook communist BS we got growing up. The similarity is quite chilling...
It was shocking not only for what it says about President Trump’s state of mind, but for all but authorizing authoritarian regimes around the world to target CNN and other journalists. Without journos’ sacrifice and service, all that remains is propaganda and lies. Damned lies.
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