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NEW campaign money video! Super PACs and mega-donors: How much money can you really give a campaign? (Don’t miss the debut of our latest money prop 💸💸) with @Monica_Akhtar 

Will Carson Wentz or Russell Wilson have more passing yards on Sunday? @MattHarmon_BYB  joins @JaredQuay  and @Matty_Genius  to make some prop bets for Week 12 📺

Gary, Indiana, closes on sale-leaseback bonds to prop up city finances - @TheBondBuyer  $$

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@chessmartinez  But that’s not true. They haven’t ruled out coalition with Labour, just not Corbyn. If he doesn’t win, the expectation is he will stand down. And they have not said they’ll prop up Tories. What they’ve said is if it’s last chance saloon they will vote for Deal IF PV attached

The Lib Dems said they would not prop up either Johnson or Corbyn in Number 10 but would vote issue by issue, including on a second referendum, reports @charleshymas 

Owning my fail...😖 DeAndre Hopkins balled out last night BUT busted my prop! I called the OVER for 6.5 total receptions and he finished the game with SIX. Hopkins had 6 straight games with 7 or more rec coming into last night. Nonetheless... MY BAD. @paddybetfair 

Nigeria plans to use a $3 billion loan from the World Bank to prop up the power grid in an effort to keep the lights on

The stories we tell about crime too often prop up fantasies about law enforcement and justice, @realDenHoed  writes:


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Do your part to keep Texas a no income tax state. THIS Tuesday, November 5th, Vote YES on Proposition 4. Yes to Prop 4 means NO to state income tax. If Prop. 4 passes it will 2/3 of Legislators to put an income tax on the ballot. Keep Texas, Texas.

Join me to keep Texas a no income tax state. On Tuesday, November 5th, vote FOR Prop. 4 to prevent an income tax in Texas. Keep Texas, Texas. ⁦⁦ @VoteFORProp4 ⁩ #txlege 

Why are so many self-described Republicans on twitter so dismissive of Russian threat? Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, intervened in Syria to prop up a dictator in 2015, interfered in our elections in 2016, tried to kill Skripal in 2018, deploying new nuke weapons against us.

Morning prayer Lord it seems the truth has ceased to matter in our Nation’s Capitol, its perception, innuendo, rumor and downright lies that carry the day. Lord tear down this evil house of cards and the people who prop it up with their deception.

“He (Jerry Nadler) wants a show. He wants to use Mr. McGahn as a prop to spend three hours claiming that Mr. Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation. YET MR. MUELLER WASN’T OBSTRUCTED IN ANY WAY, HIS COPIOUS REPORT WAS RELEASED FOR ALL TO SEE, & THERE WAS NO COLLUSION..

What person in their right mind would give one hundred and fifty billion dollars in cash to a nation that is dedicated to destroying America and everything we stand for why would a president who supposedly stands for human rights prop up a government that treats women like cattle

Because of Trump, the families of federal workers are in crisis. His offer – to pause the damage he’s doing to Dreamers and refugees – wasn’t meant to be serious, only to prop up his sagging poll numbers. A real president would end the shutdown and stop this foolishness.

This is Georgia state rep Jason Sencer warning about “sand niggers” and eating a prop penis on Sacha Baron Cohen’s #WhoIsAmerica 

Recreational marijuana will effectively become legal tomorrow in California. Prop. 64 passes.

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It's a supremely wonderful day for equality. Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone.