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Proof that if you stick at it, eventually you'll get there! @21LVA  slots home against the Foxes. ⚽️ @AvaTrade  🔵 #MCILEI  #ManCity 

@SiennaJames19  @Chr1stinaGI  @CarlosQXt  is really frightening how uninformed so many are to actual facts - facts, proof and scientific peer reviewed studies seem to mean nothing these days. It will come back to bite society on the ass eventually, it always does. Facts will out. Science can’t continually be ignored

Hello Happy New Year, puffins can use tools. Since puffins were the CGI inspiration for porgs in Star Wars, I take this as full proof that porgs are an invasive species that will eventually take over the galaxy.

Carl and Marsha Mueller hold out hope they will someday have final proof of their daughter Kayla's fate. That her remains will eventually be recovered. That there will be a graveside at which to grieve. @LauraKingLAT  and @nabihbulos  report:

@RepMikeTurner  Followed by @RepAdamSchiff  pointing out that it was widely known President Trump wanted Ukrainian officials to investigate former VP Biden and his son, and that despite fact military aid was eventually released, the fact that it was held up for a time, is proof of impropriety

2008 was proof that governments can eventually lose control of markets for a long time.

A lot of southern segregation academies eventually gave up the fight, at least legally — they'd even let one or two black kids in as proof. But Silliman Institute was *stubborn*.

Proof that owners do eventually resemble their pets!

Proof that owners do eventually resemble their pets!


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As shown in this proof-of-concept video demonstration, #WhatsApp  vulnerability could eventually be exploited to simply pop-up a reverse shell remotely from the hacked device. Facebook patched the flaw with the release of WhatsApp version 2.19.244 last month. #hacking  #infosec 

Tony #Blair ’s imminent appearance from behind the arras of the “IndependentGroupLtd” is proof of the fact that through the bluster about Israël the principle purpose of the realignment is to stop #Brexit  The money trail will eventually show that too #Labour 

This movement against Steve King is proof that solid reporting still matters... eventually

Trump won’t budge, will shut down govt. Walls closing in, Mueller, Dem probes. He only has his supporters. Will let it stay shut. Let Dems pass bill, force Senate to vote to reopen. Eventually will force veto proof-majority to reopen. He’ll tell backers he fought to the end.

Living proof that hard work eventually pays off. 👏

Leo's career is proof that if you don't ever give up, you will eventually win the gold. #oscars  #Leonardo 

If science is not yet able to explain something, it will eventually. Failure of science to elucidate is not proof for the existence of god.