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We invite applications for: Research Grant to Optimize Drug Dosing Strategies for Pediatric LGA/LGG Patients. This two-year, $180,000 grant is open to independent researchers with promising ideas or approaches. Deadline: Dec. 9. @plga  #CareCureThrive 

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What do we think of the new Google Stadia? Promising but flawed. Read our full review here.

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A medical procedure is helping women improve their sex drive -- and have better orgasms. They call it the "O-Shot." Join NBC10 News at 11 p.m. Monday as @CydneyLongNBC10  talks to patients and doctors about a promising answer to a serious problem.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sought to woo business leaders ahead of next month's election, promising money for infrastructure and some tax cuts

Communication support technology for #training  surgeons has promising results @umbc 

Spinal-cord stimulator 'really promising': Survivor moves legs for first time since Humboldt bus crash

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After promising to ban most flavored e-cigarettes, President Trump has backed off the ban. Here is a mashup, via @RiegerReport , on what he has said previously re vaping:

#UPDATE  Online homestay company #Airbnb  has announced a nine-year deal to become a leading partner of the #Olympics , promising safe and sustainable accommodation for visitors and athletes' families during both summer and winter games

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$NRIM - Northrim Bancorp's Loan Growth Seems Promising, But Stock Is Pricey. Read more: #business  #trading  #stocks 


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Why is Chairman Schiff afraid of @RepStefanik ? Why doesn’t he want Republican members to ask questions? Why is he conducting more secret hearings after promising the American people an open process?

The U.S. convinced the Kurds to destroy ISIS for us, causing massive Kurd casualties. Then we conned the Kurds into dismantling their defenses, promising to protect them. Now Trump invites the Turks into Syria, green lighting them to wipe out the Kurds. Positively sinister.

Boris Johnson has spent months promising we'd leave the EU today. The failure to do so is his and his alone. Labour will get Brexit sorted by giving the people the final say within six months with the choice of a credible leave deal or remain. And we'll carry out what you decide.

Washington Democrats have been engaged in a three-year-long impeachment parade in search of a rationale. Prominent House Democrats were promising impeachment at the very beginning of this presidency. Fairness and due process are not their objectives here.

Senator Lindsey Graham is trying to organize a letter of Senate Republicanspromising not to convict President Trump under any circumstances. Before the House even completes its inquiry. Senator Graham is pushing Alice-in-Wonderland justice. First the verdict, then the trial.

Boris Johnson has won the support of fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members by promising tax cuts for the richest, presenting himself as the bankers' friend, and pushing for a damaging No Deal Brexit. But he hasn't won the support of our country.

Not exactly sure what the importance of the whistleblower complaint is now that Trump, Pence and Guiliani are all 100% admitting they did what the whistblower said and promising to do more of it.

“With over a 50% Approval Rating at this point in his Presidency, analysts believe re-election in 2020 looks (very) promising!” @OANN  Hey, we have accomplished more than any President in the first 2 1/2 years, WHY NOT?

So the idea is to buy votes for Trumpcare by promising Senators that their states can keep Obamacare. Irony, meet your definition.