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#RajiniPeriyarRow – What DK people say is that Jan Sangh had thrown the slipper on Periyar gang & somehow it hit the other van on which the photos and Ram and Sita were coming, Prof Ajith Kanna (Activist/Professor, JNU), tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheRightStand .

#RajiniPeriyarRow – There always used to be demonstration from DK i.e., Dravida Kazhagam headed by Periyar, Prof Ajith Kanna (Activist/Professor, JNU), tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheRightStand .

#MeritVsAarakshan - I want to ask @nitin_gadkari  if he is willing to accept 'one nation one caste': Prof Ajith Kanna (Activist/Professor, JNU) tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheRightStand 

#ReservationDebate – Reservation isn’t supporting caste anarchy, it is only promoting jealousy in Upper caste people those who don’t enjoy the benefits for reservation: Prof Ajith Kanna (Activist/Professor JNU) tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheNationAt5 .

#LanguageWar – By speaking in language A or B, it doesn’t lower the level of the debatre, Prof. Ajith Kanna (Political Analyst), tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheNationAt5 .

Suspicion can't be ignored in this case: Prof. Ajith Kanna, JNU, tells @maryashakil  on #Epicentre  #SexForDegree 

Along with Nirmala Devi will crime branch bring in the people involved with her to justice too? asks Prof. Ajith Kanna. #Epicentre  with #SexForDegree 

Not "diluting" Dalit law, but "safeguarding innocent”: Top court Prof Ajith Kanna, Dalit activist, on @10 '>Trendin @10 

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BJP has no right to talk about Jignesh Mevani and Umer Khalid sharing the stage. The issue is about addressing a genuine issue. For the last so many years, they have been under oppression: Prof Ajith Kanna, Human Rights Activist#CasteHateVideo 


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'Why are they forgetting every other Hindu king have done the same,they have converted people to Hinduism' Ajith Kanna, JNU Prof#FaceoffAt9 

DMK may extend support to Panneerselvam; Hopefully Sasikala camp will prove its majority on the floor: Prof Ajith Kanna To CNN-News18