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Who’s got a good new tv show for me to start watching ? Dexter and Peaky Blinders probs best I’ve seen
Probs best to stay on private for a bit longer love ! 🖕
So tired! I'm just gona chill for the day! Probs fall asleep on the couch !
what's everyone doin ? I just woke up! Probs gona go back asleep !
@zlamours probs a 3
don't worry if ya miss it, someone is probs gona put on the net anyway! Ya know what its like
@Mlovegodlovato well first I'm gona have a bagel, coz I have a weird obsession with them now! then probs sausage sandwich
In a HEART beat but she probs hates me
I'll be so nice to everyone who is a real fan. I promise. But if you aren't and your rude, I'll probs be rude back
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