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pro tip for y’all who missed the live stream. what should i cover in my next one ? 🤟🏼 🥜

Pro tip after you install House Party: turn off notifications immediately. Every person you've ever known is joining it and you get a notification for every. Single. One.

Pro-tip: If you make borscht — which is a great use of your potatoes and beets right now — find beets with good lookin’ greens to add to the pot. I used golden beets here.

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Our OurStory website is full of family activities and great book recommendations. Sort by topic or activity type! (Pro-tip: Play a read-along of a book on YouTube before doing the activity if you need a break.) #SmithsonianEdu 

Pro tip: Be proactive in seeking help from lenders, landlords and credit card companies

PRO TIP: Check if you're on Zoom before you go to the bathroom.

Pro tip: “You have to keep your sense of humor,” said Mario Sepúlveda, a miner who spent 69 days trapped in a collapsed gold and copper mine in northern Chile in 2010. “Laughing is key.” via @karlazabs 

We’re all cooking more than usual so I wanted to share my pro-tip for how to cook the perfect pot of rice: Buy a rice cooker. Seriously, they’re like $20.

PRO TIP: Don’t DM me asking me to retweet your info graphic on malware risks or guide to phishing in the era of #COVID19  . I will get bitey. Remotely bitey.


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Sen. Burr just made things worse with his stock selling scandal...he has access to Asian news that other market investors didn't. WTF? Pro Tip: when you get busted don't insult the intelligence of those that voted you in office.

This Biden ad will do 10m+ views on twitter tonight. Pro tip: Campaigns should stop buying TV time and start spending heavily on powerful digital ads, hard hitting, no bullshit rapid response (counter-punch) and build a cultural narrative against Trump.

Pro tip: Get a partner who jumps on board with all the weird stuff you do.

Pro tip on who’s responsible if government shuts down this fall: (a) Republicans control House (b) Republicans control Senate (c) Republican President just told you he wants to shut down the government in the fall

Pro-tip: if you can’t recall whether you ever dressed up in blackface or wore Klan robes, please do America a favor and stay out of public office.

I guess this is as close as I’ll get to an apology where yet another “bombshell” bites the dust. Pro tip: don’t just rush to publish anything thinking that it’s the got ya you so desperately want it to be. CNN has the market cornered on that... let them own it ?

Good jobs report. Pro tip: the first few months of job numbers reflect the previous president's policies, not the new guy