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These Black Lives Matter activists were invited on stage at a pro-Trump rally – and every American needs to hear what they said
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..But the people were Pro-Trump! Virtually no President has accomplished what we have accomplished in the first 9 months-and economy roaring
Donald Trump just straight up lied about how President Obama responded to a pro-Trump protester
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Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them.
"Don't boo, vote!" This is how Obama dealt with a pro-Trump protester who tried to disrupt his speech in support of Hillary Clinton
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Dems flipped two very pro-Trump districts in special elections last night, There was a 28-point swing to Dems in NH. A 31-point swing in OK.
Breitbart said today's pro-Trump rallies would be "MASSIVE." The photos I've seen so far:
Fringe pro-Trump media invented a Puerto Rican trucker strike. Trump just complained about Puerto Rican truckers:
JUST IN: Pro-Trump states will be hurt most by Trump ending ObamaCare subsidies: report
President's health care decision hits pro-Trump states hard.
By @AP_Christina and @meghanhoyer.
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