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2020 will be the year that redefined telemedicine, e-commerce, remote work, drone delivery, 3D printing and smart robotics.

Tonight I anchored our first @BBCWorld ⁩ show from our basement. Shout out to my son Felix, now running IT, camera, lights, sound, video link, set dressing, script printing - trying to persuade him to give hair and make up a try to. Will keep you posted...

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@ORNL  is using 3D printing to build a nuclear reactor and is enlisting Argonne and @INL  to forward industry adoption -

Installing old applications onto Windows 10, getting WiFi externally for a laptop, troubleshooting printing after an OS update, and more tech frustrations, resolved. Catch the episode and subscribe to The Tech Guy by @leolaporte .

Get to yes faster with quotes that can be accepted with the touch of a button. Your clients review and accept the quote right from their phone. No faxing, scanning, or printing required. See how with Keap:

In layman’s language, monetisation of deficit means printing more money. #RBI 

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The USA must open for business – now. This is a war, and in order to fight that war, we must have a strong economy in motion. Logical restrictions fine. The government can't keep printing money to send out. I am not insensitive to casualties. But this is not an option anymore.

The one thing that will get our economy going again: reopening! We can’t continue printing bailout money. It’s not a lack of money that plagues us. It’s lack of commerce. Until we reopen our economy, job losses will continue.

To every university, college, polytechnic, and CEGEP in the country: We need your expertise and your resources. If you have masks and ventilators we can use, or if you think you can help with things like 3D printing of medical supplies, let us know:

"We gave our valves to a doctor who tested them. They worked; he asked for 100 more. We went back to the office, and returned to the hospital with 100 more. Hospitals in northern Italy asked us to make copies of the same piece. We are printing them now."

Why does Pakistan like PC? Because as FM in 2005 he overruled the IB, RAW and CBI who opposed giving printing of currency paper contract to a Pvt Co Delaru in UK since the company also prints Pakistan currency paper making counterfeiting easy. No wonder ISI loves him

A new government watchdog memo says the Trump administration waived rigorous background checks — including finger-printing — for all staff working at the nation’s largest detention camp for migrant children .

Let me reiterate: White House is blacklisting outlets for printing the truth. This is chilling. Our bill of rights isn’t up for debate.

This duck is missing a foot, but his rescuers got a 3D printer so they can keep printing him new feet ❤️

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the White House staffer in charge of printing out these things doesn't know what Ivanka does either

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