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BREAKING: Prince Andrew Steps Away From Royal Duties Amid Epstein Allegations (via @JustJared )

that prince andrew interview was on par w parasite

Analysis: Why Britain's Queen Elizabeth had to let Prince Andrew go

Palace sweats on man who does not sweat. @JacktheInsider  says the Prince Andrew PR train wreck: "smashed into an orphanage and careered into an animal shelter before coming to rest on top of a box of kittens".

Mary Dejevsky: It’s not only Prince Andrew who is out of touch – the royals must modernise or die

Europe Correspondent@AmeliaAdams9  has the latest on the Prince Andrew scandal, as more details emerge on his downfall. For more: #9News 

Prince Andrew seen in public for first time since withdrawal from royal duties. @KeirSimmons  has the story.

The latest on the Prince Andrew sex scandal: how the royals feel, what's going on with an alleged accomplice, and more!


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Just imagine the shit ‘Prince’ Andrew would currently be getting if he was a mixed-race woman with a social conscience, a successful career & precisely no connections with a paedophile.

Prince Andrew stepping back from royal duties for "foreseeable future" following Epstein scandal

If we’re not careful we’ll lose Prince Andrew’s contributions to public life, and then where would we be?

Prince Andrew is yet another example of how the British Establishment works: it's one rule for them, one rule for everyone else.

Sky News confirms Prince Andrew's PR adviser Jason Stein resigned over the Duke's decision to agree to the interview with the BBC

I just read the full Prince Andrew transcript. If ever you worry that you’re not doing well enough at work, just remember there is a PR professional out there who thought it was a good idea to let Britain’s dumbest royal be dismantled by Emily Maitlis

Prince Andrew & paedophile Jeffrey Epstein were close friends for 12 years. Dispatches compared Epstein's flight logs & address book with Andrew's schedule and found that over their years of friendship the pair met at least 10 times. The Prince often stayed with Epstein for days.

As with every case involving Epstein, this one could further embarrass his once-impressive roster of A-list friends and associations, which included Bill Clinton, President Trump and Prince Andrew. A guide to Epstein's inner circle:

I literally don't understand this. Prince Andrew remained friends with Epstein *after* his first conviction in 2008, which was public and contained all the elements he now says he's appalled by