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Kier Starmer has said that blaming Labour's general election defeat just on Brexit "was not an honest analysis". Indeed, we found previously that the primary reason voters abandoned Labour at the polls was party leadership

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Via @pbump  this chart shows one reason why we should be skeptical of general election trial heats during a primary: way too many voters say they won't support the nominee

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Why would #Russia  want to help #Bernie ? One reason: in 2016 they pushed the narrative that the DNC/Hillary stole the election from Bernie. If Bernie loses the primary election they can claim the “deep state” party is doing it again. If he wins, they hope he splits the Dems.

There were also a ton of Kasich-to-Hillary crossover voters in 2016. In general worrying that primary bitterness will hurt in the general election is totally reasonable; but there’s no particular reason to see that as a Bernie-specific worry.

If Illinois becomes the first state to hold its primary election, as Gov. Pritzker would like to see, that would mean voting in the snow — and to @MarkBrownCST , that's a good reason not to go first.

@pansophism  @TulsiGabbardHillary  who? 2019 now. Move on. We're nowhere near the general election. Most Dem primary voters rightly aren't moved by simpy white identity minstrels like Tucker Carlson and for good reason. And I have no gold mine. Never did. You should read more closely & critically.

Minor points: Clinton DID come to WI during the primary, but not during the general election. She was scheduled to visit but canceled after the Pulse nightclub shooting. Her failure to campaign here after the primary is considered a reason she lost the state, but not the only.

24th amendment of the Constitution: "The right of citizens of the US to vote in any primary or other election ... shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax."

@yeselson  @DouthatNYTMy  problem with this is that it doesn't engage with the possibility that Trump's ethnonationalism might not be some kind of subsequent aberration that Trump stapled to his "populism " once that won him the election, but rather the actual reason his populism helped win GOP primary.

It is an off-off year for New Jersey's statewide primary election on Tuesday, which might be the reason why local lawmakers aren't on many voter's radar. @rouse_karen  reports.


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The deadline to request an absentee ballot for the May 21 Primary Election is May 14 & it must be returned by May 17. Voter registration information & a legally valid reason for applying are required to vote absentee. Find details & applications here:

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The turnout in Delaware was in part a function of the competitive primary, which gave people a reason to pay attention, but also a reflection of the national trend of Democrats voting in historically large numbers in the wake of Trump’s election.

Democrats eager to see more women in office had reason to celebrate after last night’s primary results. But why did some Democratic women perform better than others? Here’s what we learned from the election results:

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"The reason isn’t seeking re-election is that his poll numbers against primary challenger Kelli Ward weren’t anything to brag about" writes #RapidReactions 

True or False: "The primary reason for low voter turnout, regardless of state or election, is a lack of...