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For as long as Dan Lipinski has been in Congress, @dailykos  supported his primary challengers. Now, 14 years later, we finally won. Fighting for change is not always a short-term proposition. #IL03 

'Frankly, he should resign.' NKY Congressman Massie's coronavirus comments receive backlash from primary challengers

In #IL01  #IL03  and #IL07  incumbent Democrats are raking in campaign cash from PACs while their primary challengers amass large fundraising hauls from individual contributors. by @ilmahasan 

This is what primary challengers are up against when they take on entrenched power players. These two different headlines are on the same story. It was shocking that the first one ever got published, but it didn’t last long.

Three of Mississippi's four U.S. House representatives will face challengers in the Tuesday primary.

Not for nothing, but what does Ilhan Omar's failure to deliver Hennepin County for Sanders say about her political future there? The primary is Aug 11, and she already has three Dem challengers.

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ICYMI: El Paso County SheriffRichard Wiles, who faced three challengers in the Democratic primary, won reelection on Tuesday night.

Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green build big leads over primary challengers

Sen. Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic primary in Colorado, the AP projects. The senator from Vermont faced fewer challengers than he did just one week ago, as several candidates recently dropped out.

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The Hill: Republican National Committee members voted on Friday to throw the party’s “undivided support” behind President Trump ahead of his 2020 reelection bid, as speculation continues to mount about potential primary challengers.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making her first move to back primary challengers to incumbents. She plans to endorse Marie Newman, a progressive candidate seeking to oust Representative Daniel Lipinski, a conservative-leaning Illinois Democrat.

Um duh Twitter is a private platform that can do whatever it wants! Even if that means legitimizing incumbent Democrats and refusing to verify progressive primary challengers who could unseat them (sarcasm disclaimer for twitter morons)

Twitter is bottling up primary challengers by refusing to verify them, which is a killer on the campaign trail. @CoriBush4Senate  ran a credible challenge in 2018 and starred in a damn movie about it an @jack  still won’t verify her. If you’re a primary challenger hurt by this, DM me

Elizabeth Warren just endorsed 2 progressive primary challengers to conservative incumbent House Dems: Jessica Cisneros, who is challenging Rep. Cuellar, and Marie Newman, who is challenging Rep. Lipinski. More headaches for DCCC.

NEW: The South Carolina Republican Party likely to cancel its presidential primary in 2020 to protect from any GOP challengers that might emerge. (There is precedent for this strategy.)

While Justice Dems and @Ocasio2018  get savaged for backing primary challengers, a PAC linked to centrist Democrats is backing a GOP challenger to a vulnerable @KatieHill4CAocrat '>De @KatieHill4CAocrat ,

Several prominent conservative activists and donors privately tell me they were ready to start drafting primary challengers to Tillis if he held firm, with an eye on Mark Meadows or Mark Walker

On a strategy call tonight, & announced they’d be recruiting and supporting working class primary challengers in blue districts around the country. That’s a historic step for 2 incumbents.

Democrats set to re-nominate Sen. Bob Menendez after preventing primary challengers, showing how calcified the Party is