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Tell us the 3 Kinks tracks from 1 line of lyrics & 1 from another band: "Well I met a pretty girl, as pretty as can be Shout out, tell the world I'm in love & I'm gonna keep on rollin' till my dying day. I don't care what the neighbors say, I'm gonna love you each and every day."

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VENN DIAGRAM: Scarlett Johansson and Alexander Skarsgård star in Alex Garland’s dark drama about a brilliant but reclusive tech entrepreneur whose unfettered drive to ruin the world through ignorance is temporarily disrupted by a pretty girl.

"It was a pretty violent thing to watch," she said. It took two doctors — one pushing down on Buckley and one pulling Harper out from under her ribs — to bring the 15-pound, 5-ounce girl into the world.

"She (Jaime Guttenberg) was a pretty girl w the world’s best smile & her soul was sensitive & compassionate. She always looked out for the underdog & the bullied & she probably had been kind to the student who shot her." Dr. Abbie Youkilis #MSDSTRONG 

I can pretty much travel anywhere in the world that I want. I kind of don’t know where I want to go right now tho. But As long as there are crystal clear waters, a white or pink sand beach, and lots of sleep. I’m going to be a very happy girl lol?

Clairo the teenager who’s made her name on YouTube singing “Pretty Girl” – is now on a world tour and will be stopping off in Thailand in March.

A young, African girl runs free, escaping a world of unjust accusations, not realizing that the pretty white ribbon at her back is a constraint. Please go see the inventive and implicating "I Am Not A Witch" on day five of the Festival.

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Happy anniversary to the world’s most beautiful girl. Amazing human. Incredible step mother. Devoted wife. Loyal friend. Talented, fun, smart, sexy, driven, and, well, just pretty much…


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what a crazy world, pretty little girl

Somewhere in the world there's a pretty girl on vacation listening to one of my songs. Smoke one baby girl.

that heavy set girl on world star was so pretty omg talking bout the jelly beans in her butt! LOL and dnt ask wat I'm doing! haha - Lil B

Gabby Douglas is officially a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, and she's in pretty amazing company:

My wonderful beautiful sister and pretty much the nicest person in the world has given birth to a little girl!!! So proud. So happy x

Wicked book cover photo shoot now teases wet... abs, very pretty girl, and out of this world back muscles

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Somewhere in the world a pretty girl is taking a massive shit #KingBachFact 

Imagine if you were Ryan Gosling. Pretty much every girl in the world is stoked on you. That's gotta rule, just a little

Greatest World Cup goalscorer of all time. Looks like a dork beside a pretty girl. Life always evens things out.

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