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"The president is incapable of doing what other presidents do in such moments," says @JonahNRO  "earn the benefit of the doubt by rising to the occasion."

Amid the pandemic, the Trump administration will virtually wipe out the US tailpipe-pollution standard tomorrow. It’s the president’s biggest rollback yet of federal climate protections:

Kremlin statement says Presidents Trump and Putin conferred today on "opportunities for closer cooperation" on the Coronavirus pandemic. They also discussed disputes in the global oil market and agreed for consultations between US & Russian energy officials.

Politically speaking, the smarter play for the President’s supporters is not to go conspiracy theorist on the models being wrong, but accept the models and note they predicted millions dead, so look how many lives the President saved.

"All presidents who are great presidents have told them the truth," @JoeBiden  says on MSNBC. "Leadership is supposed to tell them the truth and how we're going get through it."

“Please do not follow the president’s guidance,” says governor of Brazil’s most populous and economically powerful state, São Paulo. Extraordinary times.

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The president’s address is at 19:30 on SABC Radio stations, @SABC_2  and on Channel 404. #CoronaUpdate 

The US president’s trip to Britain cost more than three times the next most expensive visit by a head of state between the summers of 2018 and 2019

Some sweet news goes a long way during a global pandemic! Dr. Fauci, who's served in various public health capacities for more than fifty years and served six consecutive presidents, has been thrust into the national spotlight amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


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Our country has a rich history of presidents who respected the power, decorum, and influence of their office. Unfortunately, that rich history ended the day Trump became president.

After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations: They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme. They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth. And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses.

A few takeaways: The President’s lawyers made the case for calling John Bolton, falsely claiming the President never told anyone the aid was conditioned on investigations. They don’t deny Trump sought foreign interference in 2020. They smear the Bidens. They have no defense.

Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to take away authority Presidents use to stand up to other countries and defend AMERICANS. Stand with your Commander in Chiefs!

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has proven to be an American patriot. His firing was a clear and brazen act of retaliation that showcases the President’s fear of the truth — and the vindictiveness which led Republican Senators to be accomplices to President Trump’s cover-up.

Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

The White House said they wanted open hearings, not closed, and then they didn’t want those either. Then they said they wanted to participate in the proceedings, and now they say they don’t. All they really want is to hide the President’s serious misconduct. It’s not working.

I donate 100% of my President’s salary, $400,000, back to our Country, and feel very good about it!

Tonight the ex-Presidents are getting together in Texas to support all our fellow Americans rebuilding from this year’s hurricanes. Join us.