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“Cost me billions of dollars to be President”—Trump, 3/22/20– Has there ever been a better line to ramp up drive for changing how we elect folks, small $$, small $$, level field so a rich guy (more bankrupt than he’ll ever admit) can say such crass words —

#PresidentTrump said he was employing the Defense Production Act “in case we need it." #coronavirus  #pandemic 

LIVE: #PresidentTrump  announces #coronavirus  vaccine enters phase 1 of testing. Watch ->

Ok, one hour in they come together nicely against PresidentTrump. They seem almost amused at how hot it got. This party WILL unify in November. #DemDebate2020 

#PresidentTrump asks #Georgia  pastor to lead national day of prayer | Read more:

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@trish_regan  is 100% right! Dems are using the virus born on the other side of the world to harm PresidentTrump These self-serving elitists would rather millions die, economy to crash to make Trump look bad! Another despicable attempt to impeach @POTUS 

US President Trump: If we get rid of the coronavirus problem quickly, we won’t need stimulus By @Ross_Burland  #UnitedStates  #Politics  #DollarIndex 

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "In President Trump's world there's no such thing as a legitimate criticism of his administration."

#PresidentTrump told reporters at Mar-a-Lago he's not concerned.


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#PresidentTrump ACQUITTED … A major victory for America, our Constitution, our history, and our future! #TrishRegan 

Today will go down as the day #PresidentTrump  won the #2020  election. #TrishRegan 

Showing This To The Brain Dead Left Is Like Showing A Cross To A Vampire Here Is #Racist  #PresidentTrump  #Harvey 

@Trumptbird : Dear I'm starting to believe that you're actually going to WIN! #Trump2016  #presidenttrump  #primary  "

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If You Slander #PresidentTrump  But Refuse To Admit You Briefed #Obama  On #Flynn  You Are Swamp Accomplice#Comey 

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#Mueller Is Only Hiring Anti Trump Lawyers It's Not About Finding The Truth It's About Going After #PresidentTrump 

"Act Presidential" Is Code For Shut Up & Let The Swamp Continue Business As Usual #PresidentTrump  WILL NOT COMPLY

#PresidentTrump Arrives In Saudi Arabia NO Hijab For #Melania  NO Bowing By #Trump  #America  Will NOT Submit

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