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Not totally sure how rap battles work, but I believe Eminem is now the President of the United States of America.
Hell of a day for the President to forget how to tweet.
In 2017, we have to remind our President that it's never ok to "joke" about killing LGBTQ Americans...or anyone. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
The President of the United States saying that our Vice President would love to hang all gay people. Evil pieces of shit.
President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually brought us closer.
President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens.
No Mr. President, providing health care to every man, woman and child as a right is not a curse, it's exactly what we should be doing.
Reminder: the president of the United States thinks protest is perfectly fine for neo-Nazis but a firing offense for black athletes.
Good morning Mr. President. It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not.
Mr. President shut the fuck up about NFL. Do something about our people in need in #PuertoRico. We are American citizens too.
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