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President Zuma loses his temper towards Malema:
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BREAKING: #StateCaprure inquiry ruling - on whether President Zuma must control terms and choose judge who will investigate #StateCapture allegations - will be delivered on Wednesday at 10:30am.
BREAKING: NDPP #ShaunAbrahams has given President Jacob Zuma until 31 January 2018 to file his representations on why he should not be prosecuted for corruption.
Zuma was scheduled to file by 30 November.
BREAKING: President Jacob Zuma releases the #FeesCommission report. Here's the statement accompanying it:
Former Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Honourable Mr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, paid a courtesy call on President Jacob Zuma before heading back to Harare, Zimbabwe today, 22 November 2017.
WATCH: Here's why Julius Malema calls President Jacob Zuma 'Duduzane's father' #EFFInRobbenIsland Video: @AJGMolyneaux
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Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor notes the frightening similarities between Donald Trump and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.
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Lest we forget, Thursday is President Zuma's deadline to tell NDPP #ShaunAbrahams why he should NOT face corruption charges.
Demonstrations expected at the NPA office.
Important that court found President Zuma too conflicted to appoint NDPP.
Allegations of conflict also central part of @ThuliMadonsela3 argument for why Zuma should not control process of appointing #StateCapture inquiry.
Ruling on that due soon.
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