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[BREAKING NEWS] Jacob Zuma has resigned as the President of South Africa - "I have come to the decision to resign with immediate effect." #ZumaResponds #ZumaRecall . Courtesy #DStv403
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BREAKING: Former President Jacob Zuma will appear in court for corruption charges on 6 April.
#ZumaResigns | After weeks of speculation, Jacob Zuma has resigned as the president of South Africa. He has had a robust presidency, with countless jaw-dropping moments. Watch.
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President Zuma loses his temper towards Malema:
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BREAKING: Schabir Shaik confirms to me that he has been subpoenaed to testify against former President Jacob Zuma.
“'I’ve been subpoenaed‚ so I must testify. It is a legal requirement. I cannot refuse.”
"I have taken the decision to resign with immediate effect" - South African President Jacob Zuma quits office
Nonkanyiso Conco, a 24-year-old woman from Ballito, is set to become former president Jacob Zuma’s seventh bride
History has just been made. High Court orders President Zuma to pay costs of his failed #Statecapture interdict HIMSELF.
Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor notes the frightening similarities between Donald Trump and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.
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We congratulate @DPRamaphosa for being elected the 5th Democratic President of the Republic of South Africa. We are confident that you will continue to steer South Africa to greater heights. We also thank former President Jacob Zuma for his service to country and continent.
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