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Nearly two weeks of violent protests, that left 7 dead, have ended in Ecuador. President Moreno and leaders of the country’s indigenous groups reach deal to cancel economic austerity measures. Read more:

Massive Indigenous-led protests against Ecuador President Lenín Moreno's austerity measures rocked the city of Quito in October. In a major victory, the protests forced the government to cancel the austerity plan and withdraw from a $4.2-billion International Monetary Fund loan.

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Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno strikes a deal with indigenous leaders who mobilized thousands of protesters against a decree that slashed fuel subsidies

The @UN  chief @antonioguterres  welcomes the initiation of peace talks to reverse President Moreno’s plan for fuel price hikes in #Ecuador  and end nearly two weeks of unrest across the country. This and more, in our daily audio bulletin.

VIDEO: Protesters barricade roads and clash with riot police in Ecuador's capital, as indigenous leaders prepared to meet President Lenin Moreno for face-to-face talks after nearly two weeks of violent street protests over austerity measures

#Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has repealed a controversial decree abolishing fuel subsidies, restoring them in their original form, the @BBC  reported Oct. 14.

The socialist President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno says “Comrades, …” Ecuador reaches deal to cancel austerity measures, end mass protests #LatAm  #Moreno  #Ecuador  #Economy  #Investing 

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno agrees to swap a law that ended decades-old fuel subsidies for new legislation that will direct more resources to the needy

Ecuador celebrated a deal President Lenín Moreno and indigenous leaders struck late Sunday to cancel a disputed austerity package and end nearly two weeks of protests.

President Moreno's move to end Ecuardor's fuel subsidies is symbolic, socially unpalatable and politically divisive, but it will help the government to make progress towards putting the country on a more sustainable fiscal path. Read more:


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'The drone revolution': Ecuadorians revolt against repressive US-backed President Lenin Moreno's neoliberal policies | The Grayzone

WikiLeaks refutes President Moreno’s grotesque lies about Assange. They are a crude attempt to distract from Moreno’s own corruption scandals in Ecuador and the cowardly expulsion of our publisher into the reach of US authorities.

WikiLeaks to : "If President Moreno wants to illegally terminate a refugee publisher’s asylum to cover up an offshore corruption scandal, history will not be kind,"

Corruption investigation opened against Ecuador's president Moreno, after purported leaked contents of his iPhone (Whatsapp, Telegram) & Gmail were published. New York Times reported that Moreno tried to sell Assange to US for debt relief.

New York Times: Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno tried sell Julian Assange to the U.S. government for a "range of concessions" (3 Dec 2018)

President Lenin Moreno, criticised for corruption and betraying a political refugee is now using absurd claims about Assange as a pretext to purge his political opponents.

Pro-Assange protesters clash with cops in Ecuador, calling President Moreno ‘traitor’

Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law. He has hidden from the truth for years. Thank you Ecuador and President Moreno for your cooperation with to ensure Assange faces justice

Today WikiLeaks publisher has been gagged and physically isolated for six months. This week Ecuador's president Moreno stated that will remain gagged until he promises to not again criticize the polices of the US and Spain.

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Wikileaks editor has been gagged and isolated by order of Ecuador's new president Moreno. He cannot tweet, speak to the press, recieve visitors or make telephone calls. Ecuador demanded that he remove the following Tweet: