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US President Donald Trump Tweets: Wake up Federal Reserve, such growth potential, almost like never before!

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"Dealing with the European Union is very difficult. They have not treated the UK very well" Donald Trump is backing Boris Johnson in Brexit negotiations. More from the US President:

President Donald Trump has canceled his trip to Denmark because the prime minister will not sell him Greenland.

President Donald Trump said that American Jewish people who vote for Democrats show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

BREAKING: President Donald Trump's administration announced a new regulation this morning that would allow for the detention of migrant families beyond the 20-day limit for holding children.

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats, saying "it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty."

President Donald Trump canceled an upcoming trip to Denmark after its prime minister dismissed the idea of the U.S. buying Greenland.

We make it 250/1 for USA to purchase Greenland while Donald Trump is President - though we think we can see why Trump is so keen... 👉

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Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says she is “disappointed and surprised” by U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel his visit to Denmark after she rejected suggestions of selling Greenland to the U.S.


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Holy crap. @RepSwalwell  just went on the House floor and listed numerous racist statements made by President Donald Trump. Republicans were NOT happy.

If you come after the President, the Country, the Flag - he’s going to defend himself. What the squad doesn’t like is that Donald Trump is enforcing the very laws that are on the books that were put there by Congress.” Jason Chaffetz. Also, buy Jason’s great new book, POWER GRAB!

“President Donald J. Trump is the greatest hostage negotiator that I know of in the history of the United States. 20 hostages, many in impossible circumstances, have been released in last two years. No money was paid.” Cheif Hostage Negotiator, USA!

I have no more words. I only have anger. President Donald Trump and Leader Mitch McConnell must call the Senate back from August recess immediately. We cannot afford to wait another day for lawmakers to address this horrific national public safety threat. #daytonshooting 

“Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities....

America, meet your new president: Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump just straight up lied about how President Obama responded to a pro-Trump protester

Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that “ABC does not tolerate comments like those” made by Roseanne Barr. Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC. Maybe I just didn’t get the call?

Donald Trump again shows that no child is too young or vulnerable, no step is too low, and why he is the worst President in modern history.