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"It's really weird there's so many posters of will smith here" - today show presenter
BREAKING: David Dimbleby announces that he will leave @bbcquestiontime in December 2018, after 25 years as presenter of the programme. #bbcqt
German TV coverage on in our Moscow hotel... pitchside presenter in Volgograd has gone full bee-keeper.
Come on guys, show some respect. Her name is Female Presenter. The whole Presenter family are lovely and Female herself makes great brownies
QUOTE: @jackwhitehall introducing @HKane to the @brits:

🗣 "The next presenter is a Tottenham striker, meaning the award he's presenting is the only trophy he's getting his hands on this season." 😱🔥
[WATCH] #AsItHappens: Dr @MbuyiseniNdlozi switches from politician to news presenter! LIVE on eNCA #DStv403.
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TV presenter Dale Winton, who hosted Supermarket Sweep, has died at the age of 62, his agent says
BREAKING: sacked journalist, now TV presenter supplies unutterably lame tweet in pursuit of controversy because he's a sad old fuck.
If it’s not already too late, can we all at least agree not to book the attention-seeking lawyer who claimed that women’s wardrobe choices contribute to ‘upskirting’? Producers, if you need this sort of twerp to inject ‘excitement’ into your programming, you need a new presenter.
Whilst away- I lost a few games but you lost half a million viewers and a presenter!!
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