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"It's really weird there's so many posters of will smith here" - today show presenter
Food campaigner and @Channel4 presenter @jamieoliver expresses his disappointment at the Tory plan to scrap free school lunches for infants
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BREAKING: sacked journalist, now TV presenter supplies unutterably lame tweet in pursuit of controversy because he's a sad old fuck.
Whilst away- I lost a few games but you lost half a million viewers and a presenter!!
The show is starting! #RDMA presenter @Camila_Cabello is in her seat and ready to go!!
This is why we love Jimmy Bullard, our new co-presenter for the show this season 💥
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Delighted to see HIGNFY guest presenter policy has been adopted by the White House.
Wanted: new presenter for Top Gear. Applicant should be old, badly dressed and pedantic but capable of getting to work on time.
Brian Cant, former presenter of BBC children's shows Play School & Play Away, has died aged 83, his family says
This presenter asked this teenager to marry the man who raped her.
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