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Breaking: TV presenter Dale Winton has died at the age of 62, his agent has announced.
RIP Dale Winton, 62.
Very sad news. A warm, funny man & superb TV presenter.
TV presenter Dale Winton dies at 62
QUOTE: @jackwhitehall introducing @HKane to the @brits:

🗣 "The next presenter is a Tottenham striker, meaning the award he's presenting is the only trophy he's getting his hands on this season." 😱🔥
"It's really weird there's so many posters of will smith here" - today show presenter
Come on guys, show some respect. Her name is Female Presenter. The whole Presenter family are lovely and Female herself makes great brownies
BBC gets scoop - May urged early strike to avoid parliament. Presenter fails to ask Defence Sec if this is true! Editorial decision. Why?
BREAKING: sacked journalist, now TV presenter supplies unutterably lame tweet in pursuit of controversy because he's a sad old fuck.
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