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Today at the WH. Pres has conference call with state, local and tribal leaders to discuss Coronavirus situation. Followed by call with faith leaders on same subject. Coronavirus press briefing scheduled for 5pm/ET.

Former Pres. George W. Bush warned in 2005 of the importance of being prepared for a possible pandemic: "One day, many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today."

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@Eugene_Robinson  says the one word that proves Pres. Trump should not be president is "hydroxychloroquine." "Trump is touting [it] as the magic bullet against COVID-19 ... when his medical and science advisors tell him it's definitely not that."

Pres Xi'>Chinese Pres Xi: Need Prep For Prolonged External Environment Change

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo: Pres. Duterte had wanted to go to Davao yesterday to celebrate daughter Kitty's birthday but decided to cancel it | via @Joseph_Morong 

LOOK: The Roman Catholic Prelature of Batanes joins hand in hand with the PNP Batanes led by PLTCOL Glenn Roy M. Gabon in responding with Pres. Duterte's call for synchronized Inter-Faith prayer and simultaneous ringing of the bell in churches (1/2) | via Jhon Dave Ablat

Pres. Duterte issues Administrative Order declaring the interruption of the period for the filing of appeals, petitions for review, pleadings, motions and the like regarding disciplinary cases before the Office of the President during the quarantine. | @LeilasINQ 

Pres. Duterte did not want to create anxiety before says Panelo | via @Joseph_Morong  LIVE:

Pres. Duterte to stay in Manila during holy week, won’t go home to Davao City even though it’s his daughter Kitty’s bday, says spox Panelo. | @LeilasINQ 

Panelo says Pres. Duterte will continue to perform his duties, give directives. | @LeilasINQ 


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@jaketapper  directly addresses Pres. Trump: “The American people ... need someone to explain what is going to be done to get us out of this. It’s a moment that requires leadership. It requires honest information. It requires empathy and it requires a plan. Do you have one?”

When I sent Pres. Trump a serious letter on getting critical medical supplies to our frontline fighters, he responded with a petty, unserious letter. To the President: Americans are dying and losing jobs. Businesses are teetering. Stop the pettiness. Be a leader. Do your job.

I offered both Pres Trump and VP Pence an opportunity to reassure Americans. Simple question: “What do you say to Americans who are scared?” Trump, to me: “I say, you’re a terrible reporter.” Pence, an hour later: “Don’t be afraid. Be vigilant.”

My Q: When will everyone who needs a coronavirus test be able to get a test? Pres Trump: “No-one is talking about this except you, which doesn’t surprise me." My Q: What about people w/ symptoms who cannot get a test? Trump: "Yeah, well, OK. I’m not— I'm not hearing it."

Video of my exchange w/ Pres Trump today. My Q is on Trump saying this about governors on Thursday: “I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said in some areas are just bigger than they are going to be. I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators.”

This is the way the @nytimes  finished a story on me. “You can see the contrast between the steady, assured, informed and strong leadership that VP Biden (Sleepy Joe) has shown, and the bungling, chaotic and dishonest start-stop approach that Mr. (not Pres.) Trump has shown....

“Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama after Sandy Hook. President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control. Mass shootings were happening before the President even thought about running for Pres.” @kilmeade  @foxandfriends 

When Pres. Trump rails against Dems for doing nothing, he may be confused by how government works. I will explain. If you pass bills in the House (gun control, election security, etc.) and they die in the Senate the do nothings are McConnell and his fellow Republicans.

Just out: MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER! How about saying it this way, IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! Also, MORE PEOPLE WORKING TODAY IN THE USA THAN AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY! Tough numbers for the Radical Left Democrats to beat! Impeach the Pres.

You do know Tom Brady skipped it when Pres. Obama was in the White House right? Or is it only a problem w/Martellus?