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my highlight was @dcfcofficial ‘s Gary rowett . Top man, great manager and I really hope that his style can get us to the premier league along with Mel Morris

@Louis_Tomlinson @socceraid Tommo , I now work for a premier league winning manager , don't have time for this trash talk
Thank you to all the fans that have come down to the premier tonight !! Your support is always recognized love you guys ! Xx
Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, Mkhitaryan to Arsenal: here we go! 🔜🔴 #MUFC #AFC #transfers #Premier
Thank you Klopp and Pep for giving us a Premier League classic.

While some managers play for 0-0 and park the bus, you two give it a real go and make it worth watching.
Leicester can barely afford to stay in the premier league and then their chairman lands a helicopter on the pitch after the game! Cool cool
He's now found the net in his last three Premier League games - today's goalscorer @AnthonyMartial is your #MUFC Man of the Match! 👏
Really can't wait for people to see the movie. The premier is going to be funnnnn!
Perfect end to an amazing week with our New York movie premier tonight.. Hope to see you there.
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