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With two years until the next provincial election in June 2022, Premier Doug Ford, his cabinet, MPPs and 1,000 party activists are meeting behind closed doors in Niagara Falls to begin crafting a campaign platform. #ONpoli 

OFL president Party Coates tells protest rally outside Premier Doug Ford’s #PCPO  policy convention “if the Conservatives don’t listen to us...we will shut this province down.” #onpoli  #

This is what Progressive Conservative delegates see heading into their policy convention with Premier Doug Ford. Bus loads of protesters organized by the OFL. Speeches start at 11 on a flatbed truck. #onpoli  #pcpo  #niagarafalls 

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Premier Doug Ford is in Niagara Falls for a PC party convention this weekend looking for ways to spark a second honeymoon with voters after another tough week on the job. Busloads of protesters are also expected.

An elaborate effort to parody Premier Doug Ford at the @OFLabour ⁩ protest outside the #PCPO  policy convention. #onpoli 

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To understand the unbearable shallowness of Premier Doug Ford’s Tories, there may be no better example than our ongoing licence plate fiasco, @reggcohn  writes. #onpoli  #plategate 

Labour activists are holding a demonstration outside the Ontario Progressive Conservative convention on Saturday to protest cuts made by Premier Doug Ford's government.

Activists are holding a demonstration outside the Ontario Progressive Conservative convention on Saturday to protest cuts made by Premier Doug Ford's government.

Early bird protesters outside Premier Doug Ford’s #PCPO  policy convention in #NiagaraFalls . The street out front is closed with dozens of buses expected. Biting cold wind out here for us southern Ontario softies. # #onpoli 

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UPDATED: Protesters waving flags and placards filled the streets outside of a convention centre in Niagara Falls where the Tory policy gathering is taking place to begin development of Premier Doug Ford’s re-election platform.


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Ontario premier Doug Ford's reception in Toronto was icy. ?

Premier Doug Ford fundraising appeal: "You should pitch in $2 to make sure we are ready for the next election. Because if you think Drive Clean was bad, you don’t want to know what these guys will come up with next." (Drive Clean was created by an @OntarioPCParty  government.)

Premier Doug Ford booed by crowd gathered for @Raptors  parade and fan rally at Nathan Phillips Square. Mayor John Tory and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enjoy warmer reception from #Toronto  crowd #WeTheNorth  #ONpoli  #Canpoli  #TOpoli 

Premier Doug Ford’s taxpayer-funded ads attacking federal carbon-pricing measures have been now denounced by the editorial boards of the @TorontoStar , @globeandmail , and @TheTorontoSun  — as well as @OntarioAuditor . #onpoli  #cdnpoli 

BREAKING: OPP deputy commissioner Brad Blair, who blew the whistle on Premier DougFord's customized van, has been fired from the force. Blair complained about the appointment of Ford friend Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner. #onpoli 

BREAKING: Interim OPP Commissioner Brad Blair alleges Premier Doug Ford's chief of staff asked the police force "to purchase a large camper type vehicle ... modified to specifications the premier's office would provide us" and keep the costs "off the books." #onpoli 

BREAKING: Premier Doug Ford is worried several disgruntled MPPs are poised to defect to the Liberals, the has learned. #onpoli 

Doug Ford is turning something that he didn't run on, that serves no urgent purpose, that his base wasn't clamouring for, and that seems to be based mostly on personal beefs from his days as a municipal politician into his defining issue as premier.

Andrea Horwath’s NDP are the best choice in this election to keep PC Leader Doug Ford from becoming premier. #StarEditorial