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Just making a few minor changes to my predictions for 2020

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Der KlassikerDE ⚽️ Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich - one of the biggest matches in the Bundesliga. Tell us your predictions! #BVBFCB 

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Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov hopes Dortmund can beat Bayern Munich tonight in Der Klassiker. Get his score predictions for all midweek Bundesliga matches...

Just three months ago, a variety of economic models had Trump cruising to reelection. As you might imagine, some of those forecasters are backing off such bullish predictions. @slyth_erin97  reports. (unlocked)

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In a time as unprecedented as ours, predictions are notoriously unreliable. But when it comes to the current pandemic Bill Gates famously nailed it.

Timing challenges and diverging regulatory approaches have led to variations in Nordic banks' credit loss predictions, making it difficult to compare how vulnerable they are to the coronavirus crisis:

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We’ve been living through an epidemic of wrong predictions. Do the media outlets that hyped them look back and report how wrong they were? Nah. Good work by @SeanTrende ⁩.

1. NPR can’t help but lie about my hundreds of hours of discussion re the various models and predictions re the coronavirus.  It’s a taxpayer subsidized CNN on radio. And it was Dr. Fauci who originally compared the virus to a bad flu.

Dr. Birx at WH briefing on some of the much quoted predictions: “When people start talking about 20% of a population being infected, it’s very scary. But we don’t have data that matches that based on the (actual) experience.”

When Boris Johnson declares we have "defied so many predictions", he is talking nonsense. Britain is one of the worst hit countries on earth. Over 40,000 people have so far likely died, many thousands of them needlessly because of catastrophic decisions he is responsible for.

1. I thought Gates favored a national shutdown. Now he says the death rate will be less than predicted. For weeks I’ve questioned these predictions, and for weeks the leftwing media frauds have attacked what I’ve been saying.

1. I’m alerted to a very strange leftwing media mob tactic that’s taking place.  If I don’t regurgitate the most dire claims and predictions of the Wuhan virus death rates, and if I dare to discuss the variety of serious scholarship with varying models and predictions, ironically

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It’s a miracle!!!!! No recession. No 800k job losses. Our economy out-performing Germany. In fact, none of the dire predictions made about the immediate repercussions of a vote to Brexit have come true. Yet we’re supposed to believe the same experts now about No Deal?

With so much great music out right now, what would you choose as this year's #summer  song? ? ☀️ Check out these predictions: