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Wondering which of these is most going to drive #precisionmedicine  forward… #AMIA2019 

Scientists at @UCSFmac  have pioneered 'basket trials' for neurodegenerative disease, a precision-medicine approach adapted from oncology that will supercharge the search for #dementia  drugs, says clinical trials director Adam Boxer. #brainhealth 

Role of Community-Based Genomics Programs {Editorial} [7/5/17] Thomas D. Brown #JCOPO  #PrecisionMedicine 

How new gene discoveries could guide precision medicine in multiple sclerosis #MultipleSclerosis  #precisionmedicine 

Helpful advance: #Biomarkers  Linked to Specific Behaviors in Depression Identified for #PrecisionMedicine 


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You can have #PrecisionMedicine ; I'll take accuracy medicine ;-)

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Wow! Israel to Sequence 100K People, Create Genomic Database to Support 'Digital Health' #PrecisionMedicine 

In Opinion Liz Szabo writes: At recent conference, "researchers presented 4 precision-medicine studies. 2 were total failures. The others weren’t much better, failing to shrink tumors 92% and 95% of the time. The studies received almost no news coverage."

We’re supporting the @WhiteHouse  #PrecisionMedicine  initiative with no cost #genomics  data hosting on Azure.

For those of you who missed @BarackObama  announcing his new #PrecisionMedicine  Initiative, here’s a handy summary:

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