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Praise God even when you dont understand what He's doing.
Happy moments: Praise God

Difficult moments: Seek God

Quiet moments: Worship God

Difficult moments: Trust God

Every moment: Thank God
When you thank God even though you don’t see anything good happening, when you offer up praise, God is going to reverse negative situations and restore what’s been stolen.
You have to give God praise first. Praise is what causes things to turn around; praise is what breaks bondages that are holding you back, and praise is what activates God’s favor.
Begging doesn’t move God. Complaining doesn’t sway Him, but praise causes the Creator of the universe to show up.
The way you refuel is through your praise, by finding something to be grateful for, by not dwelling on what’s wrong, but instead, thanking God for what’s right.
When God sees you praising Him in the storm, praising Him in the loss, that’s what He calls a sacrifice of praise.
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