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"Strategically, “Power of Siberia” is part of a game-changing shift in geopolitical relationships between Beijing and Moscow; almost totally ignored, this shift is steadily eroding U.S. security interests in every corner of the globe."

Back in 2006, Gazprom and CNPC signed an MoU for selling Russian gas to China. This month, gas finally started flowing through the Power of Siberia pipeline. But @WoodMackenzie 's Gavin Thompson argues that LNG is still highly competitive in much of China

3,000km Power of Siberia gas pipeline is largest in Russian history. Will allow huge surge in Russian gas exp to China. @NastassiaAstra  reporting But as argues it tells us mo @nickb2211e  about China’s strength than Russia’s.

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The so-called Power of Siberia, a 1,800-mile pipeline, has puzzling economics.

#Russia launches delivery of natural gas supplies to #China  via the Power of Siberia pipeline

What the ‘Power of Siberia’ Tells Us About China-Russia Relations

The so-called Power of Siberia, a 1,800-mile pipeline, has puzzling economics.

Power of Siberia pipeline opened: #Russia  launches delivery of natural gas supplies to #China  – here’s a brief look into what this project is about

The Strategic Upside Behind Russia’s $55 Billion ‘Power Of Siberia’ Pipeline To China via @forbes 

#bneEditorsPicks Russia's $55bn Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China comes online see a sample her #bne  #business  #Russia  #Gazprom  #PowerofSiberia  sign up here:

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Vladimir Putin and President of China Xi Jinping launched the Power of Siberia gas pipeline

Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray argues there’s “no evidence” that in the 30s the Soviets were "an imperialist power brutal in foreign conduct." Given they invaded Poland, imprisoned my grandad, shot his friends & deported my Dad to Siberia I beg to differ.

The launch of the Power of Siberia pipeline overseen by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will likely make China Russia’s second-largest gas customer and generate $400 billion for Russian state coffers

Russia has switched on the "Power of Siberia," an enormous gas pipeline to China worth billions of dollars, affirming increasingly close economic and political ties between the two countries.

Named the "Power of Siberia," the pipeline runs more than 8,100 kilometers (5,000 miles) across the two countries, according to Chinese state-media

The start of Russian gas flows to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline reflects Moscow’s attempts to pivot to the East to try to mitigate pain from Western financial sanctions imposed over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea

Watch: A Massive Crypto Miner In the Tundra. The Bratsk Hyrdoelectric Station generates 22.6 TWh per year of electricity. BitRiver is using some of that power to run a massive mining operation in the middle of Siberia. We go on location to see the unique and remote mine.

A lake in Siberia has become a draw for people posting on Instagram. There's only one problem: The lake is a man-made waste site for a power plant.

Power of Siberia: One of the world’s longest gas pipelines from #Russia  to #China  is almost complete

All this week in the vast expanse of Siberia, Russian military forces have been conducting the largest war games in a generation. As reports, the exercises are as much about projecting power as demonstrating it.