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(Cheesy ad guy voice)
Can't be assed to go to the shop ? It's okay your solution is here NY .. @Postmates it now
Proper Sunday.Big breakfast, went for a swim ,had a nap ,watched planet earth and ordered McDonald's on postmates ..tomorrow back to reality
1. order ice cream on postmates
2. wait in street for them to run u over
3. if they miss u have ice cream
trying to plan my trip home to Sydney for Christmas without postmates is becoming truly difficult. “will he ever learn to cook?” *they whisper..*
postmates getting just a little bit too real for me
I just @Postmates some dinner because I’m too tired from getting fucked to even think about cooking 🚿😭😭😭
im finna postmates flowers 2 ur girl
not bananas this time, but it has happened again. ordered 5 limes from postmates and now have 5 bags of key limes. 40 limes a bag. 200 limes. I guess it's a key lime pie kind of day.
apparently if u put in "5" under quantity on Postmates AND say "5 bottles!" in the description, they...get you 25. I thought FIVE was a lot
postmates cant deliver u can they?
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