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Johnson says no delay to post-Brexit transition period, but businesses say it's inevitable - report @BorisJohnson 

Coronavirus does not make extending the post-Brexit transition cost-free, warns @asabenn 

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Even before the United Kingdom officially left the European Union in late January, Brexit had pushed the country into political convulsions for over three years. @JyShapiro  considers the possibility of Scottish or Northern Irish independence post-Brexit:

How channel companies might enjoy US expansion post-Brexit

New coronavirus tests could come with certificate allowing those who have recovered to escape lockdown <- I'm sure they don't mean a paper certificate, so will this be what _finally_ launches National Entitlement Scheme for post-BrexitBritain? #PsychicID 

Due to the ongoing #coronavirus  pandemic, the European Union has asked the UK to extend their post-Brexit trade negotiations.

A post-Brexit meeting between the EU & UK will go ahead despite the coronavirus crisis. Much of Europe is on lockdown, so Michael Gove will meet EU officials via video link. The UK and EU's chief negotiators, David Frost and Michel Barnier are in self-isolation. #bbcgms  0635

Coronavirus has 'paralyzed' British economy amid major post-Brexit concerns, economists say (Op-ed)

UK credit rating cut due to coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty over post-Brexit trade deal with EU

UK credit rating cut due to coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty over post-Brexit trade deal with EU


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“As far as I’m aware she does not have any degree in economics.” “I was and I remain a professor of economics.” This is what happened when a Brexit Party MEP questioned the expertise of Green MEP Molly Scott Cato over post-Brexit trade.

Ireland owes this country nothing’ @Bonn1eGreer  says Britain cannot ‘shaft’ Ireland if they want a post Brexit trade agreement with the US. #bbcqt 

Brexit in a nutshell. I just posted a story about musicians not being able to tour Europe post Brexit because it won’t be cost effective. Man replies telling us its bollocks. Does he work in the industry? No. He’s “been to some festivals” And this is why we are fucked.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he has 451 pages of unredacted documents that confirm the NHS will be on the table in post-Brexit trade talks with the U.S.

as if we weren't already unpopular, post-brexit united kingdom may be the first contestant to actually get negative points! #Eurovision 

To all the idiots with opinions replying to this article about science post Brexit - the article quotes two U.K.-based Nobel Prize winners and two Presidents of the Royal Society. How about you shut up and listen, just for once, to people who know more than you about something.

Worth a thousand words - picture of ⁦⁩ listening to minister trying to explain to MPs how immigration system will work post Brexit

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If the Home Office is making all these cock-ups over the Windrush generation, how can they possibly hope to register the more than 3m EU citizens living here? I suspect that this is just a tiny taste of what is to come post-Brexit

BBC bosses defend not revealing Peter Capaldi’s replacement, saying that post-Brexit it’s just impossible to attract doctors.