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So happy and glad to win. Thanks Real Madrid and Portugal National team.amazing year. Simmmmmmm💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Incredible to watch @drfc_official in Portugal !! Well played boys! New lads looking sharp !
Very happy and proud to win such a special award. Thank you to my team mates from Real Madrid and Portugal! ✌🏼️🔝👍🏼
Bed time ! Big games tomorrow too! Especially Portugal v Germany! Gona be amazing
Using the translator app to order in Portugal, nailed it
Congratulations Portugal!
thanks to all of you lovely portugals and portugeezers who've been waiting for us here in Portugal, looking forward to meeting you
PORTUGAL, you were wonderful !
Great start to the tour, let the good times roll !
HI! were TOURING UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium & France nxt year!
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