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If you're stuck abroad by the #MuslimBan  look for #PorteOuverte  and the city you're in, people offer to welcome you.

In France people offered shelter using #PorteOuverte  - in Munich, they're doing the same, tweeting #OffeneTuer 

In #Munich , if you are looking for / offering shelter like #PorteOuverte  use #offenet ür and #opendoor 

#PortesOuvertesNice and #PorteOuverte  hashtags helped people in Nice, France find shelter after the truck attack:

Humbled to be among my Twitter heroes. The people behind hashtags: #PorteOuverte  #HeForShe  #Home2vote  at #EYE2016 

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#PorteOuverte our prayers go out to Paris.

If you are stranded in Paris tonight and need shelter use the hashtag #PorteOuverte , Parisians are opening their homes to those in need.

A website has been created to locate the nearest safe shelter for those in Paris. Spread the word. #PorteOuverte 

If you're in Paris & need somewhere safe to stay, or can offer a safe haven for people, Parisians are using hashtag #PorteOuverte . Be safe x

If you’re in Paris and need shelter, look up the #PorteOuverte  hashtag. People are offering shelter to those needing help

Residents near locations of shootings offering protection under hashtag #PorteOuverte . Paris is great.

Parisians use #PorteOuverte  for those seeking safety from attacks

If you're out in Paris and need somewhere safe to go/stay use #PorteOuverte  to find Parisians opening their homes to help. Pass it on.

Good point, if you want to spread the word about #Paris  shelter, please tweet # PorteOuverte, so that that actual tag doesn't get cluttered

For anyone in Paris, or who knows anyone stranded/looking for shelter, locals are using the hashtag #PorteOuverte  offering help. #Paris