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Greenland has 56k population. could they hold a Dutch auction for their sovereignty? seems like $120 billion for Greenland is a pretty good deal for a nation state. and $2M/person would make the population of Greenland the richest per capita in the world.

@mattyglesias  This gets the causation backwards. Europeans didn’t just borders around preexisting, homogenous ethnolinguistic communities. The borders came first, then the language was homogenized and the ethnic identity created. In 1789 France only 12% of the population spoke French fluently.

Atlanta raises $50 million to build 550 homes for the city's homeless population.

Population health improvement initiatives in the Basque Region of Spain contain important insights for US communities via @Health_Affairs  #PopHealth 

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#Myanmar #UNSC "It’s our fervent belief there will be no meaningful return of the Rohingyapopulation, no sustainable & secure development in any of the ethnic regions, and no long-term peace, unless there is accountability & transformation of military."

If North Carolina were to expand its Medicaid program under the ACA, 379,000 uninsured nonelderly adults would become eligible for coverage. That’s 40% of the state’s uninsured, nonelderly population.

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'Trade-In' event at John Prince Park gives homeless population a new outlook via @ArthurMondale 

More than 14% of the rural population in #LatinAmerica  and #Caribbean  lacks access to a basic drinking #water  service. Understanding the region’s “new rurality” is key to improving the water & #sanitation  sector.

#Indigenous Peoples make up approximately 5% of the world's population, but account for 15% of the poorest. They represent 5,000 different cultures and speak a majority of an estimated 7,000 languages worldwide!

Research has found the population of Ireland was in "serious decline" when the vikings arrived here


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One thing a lot of Americans don't know about Denmark is they saved 90% of their Jewishpopulation from deportation during the Holocaust by ferrying them to neutral Sweden. A brave act of resistance that required the whole population working together.

More than 25 percent of Hong Kong's population of 7.4 million people protested this weekend. By proportion, these are the largest protests in modern history. Absolutely stunning.

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Largest fentanyl bust in history. Border Patrol seized enough fentanyl to kill 57 MILLION people. That’s more than the population of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, and Iowa. COMBINED. We have a crisis on our southern border.

I don't know ... But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh.

"Kemp’s office has cancelled over 1.4m voter registrations since 2012. Nearly 670k registrations were cancelled in 2017 alone... Georgia's population is approximately 32% black, but the voter registrations on hold with Kemp’s office are nearly 70% black."

No matter the outcome, #Brexit  polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.

Im from Stratford Ontario, small town with a population of 32,000 and I grew up a Leafs fan my whole life....2nite a dream became real

....In addition to stopping all payments to these countries, which seem to have almost no control over their population, I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!..

24 million people losing insurance is roughly equivalent to the population of: VT AL ND SD DE MT RI ME NH ID WV NE NM KS WY **combined**.

for such a small country/ small population , the power that the Irish name carries around the world is unbelievable ! #pride