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Pope Francis tells gay man: "God made you like that and loves you like that"
Exclusive - Pope Francis backs calls for the Trump administration to stop separating families at the Mexican border. Via @PhilipPullella
Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world.
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"We must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons whose life experience and values can contribute greatly to the enrichment of our society." –Pope Francis
"Health is not a consumer good but a universal right, so access to health services cannot be a privilege." –Pope Francis
Pope Francis is right. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and transform our energy system to renewable energy. If we do not, the consequences will be catastrophic.
Dear friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me.
Pope Francis.
Pope Francis offered some words to Donald Trump today. The sentiment was appreciated and all, but exorcisms have to be performed in person.
“Young people, you have it in you to shout. It is up to you not to keep quiet. Even if others keep quiet, if we older people and leaders keep quiet, if the whole world keeps quiet and loses its joy, I ask you: Will you cry out?” – Pope Francis
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