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Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world.
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"Health is not a consumer good but a universal right, so access to health services cannot be a privilege." –Pope Francis
Dear friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me.
Pope Francis.
Pope Francis offered some words to Donald Trump today. The sentiment was appreciated and all, but exorcisms have to be performed in person.
Break in protocol -- Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman who was thrown off her horse as he passed behind her in Iquique, Chile
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"Man is not in charge today, money is. Money rules." – Pope Francis
Pope Francis is right. Health care should not be a privilege only for the wealthy.
Pope Francis is TIME’s Person of the Year for 2013 #TIMEPOY
Pope Francis shares an important message about power and humility. Watch his full TED Talk here: #TED2017 @Pontifex
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Pope Francis calls 2017 a 'wasted' year of death, lies
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