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Stunning from @allofmilov  new political history “The Cigarette” “More die every year from tobacco-related disease than murder, suicide, alcohol, automobile accidents and AIDS COMBINED.” Seems like a good reason to learn how the cigarette industry works in concert w the gov, no?

Sunanda Pushkar death: Delhi Police want to try Shashi Tharoor on murder charge The Congress MP has been charged for abetment of suicide, cruelty. Another political drama 2 ensnare @ShashiTharoor 

At least six of these men who will advise on peace r responsible for murder, land theft, secret prisons, diving Kabul along ethnic lines, hijacking the political process, demanding large cuts from businesses AND in one’s case, suicide bombings. Exactly NONE paid for their crimes

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‘Iranians comparing Hakki’s murder to chain murders of intellectuals, political activists & writers of 1988 to 1998. Agents of Ministry of Intelligence tried to kill as many as 80 dissidents and made it look like accident, suicide and or murder-robbery.’

Fernando Albán’s tragic death is yet another reminder of the danger political prisoners in #Venezuela  face every day. While the Maduro regime called his death as a suicide, Albán’s fellow prisoners and members of the opposition are calling this a vile murder.

‘It’s a big victory for the base’ or ... ‘What I witnessed was a political murder suicide,” via @politico 

. writes a smart, nuanced column on the political forces that have undermined the US-European relationship and how Trump merely put the icing on the cake of its collapse: The Murder-Suicide of the West

The Chicago Tribune's wrote about the political science professor who sent me his life's work before being found dead in an apparent murder-suicide:

Political science professor and his two sons, ages 12 and 14, found dead in Cherry Valley home in apparent murder-suicide


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The political concept of murder-suicide has never, that I know of, been attempted by a candidate playing both roles.

It seems that Chris Christie's attacks on Marco Rubio in the debate amounted to a political murder-suicide.

Interesting RT @NickKristof : It seems that Chris Christie's attacks on Marco Rubio in the debate amounted to a political murder-suicide.

This has all the makings of a political murder-suicide. I know what one looks like.