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Empty table: Caught between real fiscal pressures of corona crisis, jumpy markets and deadlock amongst Europe’s political elite both on bond and ESM, ECB is in a truly unenviable position!

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After staging protests for months in #Lebanon  against the country's political elite, the people are braced for battle against a creeping new threat: #coronavirus 

Why is it that the political elite, who are reliant on our tax dollars and votes for their survival, think we're ignorant simpletons? They say what they think you want to hear in order to rise to power. Once there, they serve themselves and view you as a pawn.

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John Hempton is not happy with how the US has responded to Coronavirus, "I do not understand our idiocy" he wrote, calling the "current course of English speaking democracies" . . . "mass murder by the political elite" via @John_Hempton 

It is all about 'elite entitlement'. We cannot justify the leaders who attended the party along with Kanika Kapoor: MR Venkatesh@MRVChennai ), Political Analyst tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #KanikaCoronaRow  LIVE:

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This @labboudles  piece detailing how LVMH quickly pivoted from perfume to hand sanitizer is amazing. One thing that helped? The French political and business elite move in the same circles which helps with mobilization in a crisis.

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Close links between France’s Political and business elite pay off in times of crisis Inside the factory: how LVMH met France’s call for hand sanitiser in 72 hours

Tulsi Gabbard says political elite, corporate media are "trying to erase" her presidential candidacy by keeping her out of debates

Diversifying the political establishment may be a project that’s of greater interest to the media and the Democratic Party elite than it is to most Americans, writes J.C. Pan.

@TimJGraham  column: The political elite of the Democratic party are trying to push Bernie Sanders out of the presidential race as fast as possible.


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As the Democratic elite consolidate around Joe Biden, it is abundantly clear that Bernie Sanders' campaign-- and the justice movements that fuel it--represents one of the most serious threats to institutional political and economic power in this country in modern history.

"The idea that Brexit is an anti-elite project is a nonsense." Professor David Edgerton says, "a certain section of the British political class are suffering from terrible delusions of grandeur."

The real political polarity in America today is not between left and right; that’s a ruse. The real polarity is between corporatists who form the elite within both parties, and those aware that an aristocracy made up of huge corporate entities is inherently unjust and un-American

“White Trash.” — Anderson Cooper. Well...there you have it folks! When the Liberal Elites don’t get what they want. You’re just “trash” to them. Wake Up America!!! The Liberal Elite Dems Hate America and Americans that don’t agree w/h them. It’s personal and no longer political.

VIDEO: Thousands of Chileans take the streets again in Santiago to protest social and economic inequality and against an entrenched political elite that comes from a small number of the country's wealthiest families, among other issues

Exclusive: Reporting by The New York Times shows how the family of Elaine Chao, transportation secretary and wife of Senator Mitch McConnell, prospered as the family’s shipping company developed deep ties to China’s political and economic elite.

Pamela Anderson is right. Julian Assange is a political prisoner, a publisher persecuted by the global elite because he exposed their corruption and war crimes. Fight for his freedom to defend our own! #FreeAssange 

The political elite and establishment have let people down across our country. #Marr 

Emmys on 2-nite; Will I watch celebs prattle their elite political views? Nah-I'd rather have colonoscopy or get stung by wasps. Or both.

So a big chunk of the world's political + economic elite are secretly stashing away wealth while imposing cuts on everyone else #panamaleaks