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The moment President Trump is left hanging after trying to shake hands with the Polish president's wife.
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.@realDonaldTrump slams fake news, then stands by as Duda describes why he's restricting Polish media outlets from covering parliament.
world will never be the same. I feel Sad for the young.🚽will never be more than the toilet, I’ve used as a symbol 4 Him.
U Can’t Polish 💩
Cowardly @realDonaldTrump isn't fit to polish hero @repjohnlewis's boots.
Meanwhile, the requirement that immigrants already speak english would have barred Polish, German, Italian and not just Hispanic immigrants.
Woman set boyfriend on fire with nail polish remover after he threw out spaghetti she'd cooked
Pretty sure I've just won some Cheetos. Why have I never learned Polish?
Polish girls are sexy
An honor to meet with the Polish American Congress in Chicago this morning! #ImWithYou
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