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....History shows that a school shooting lasts, on average, 3 minutes. It takes police & first responders approximately 5 to 8 minutes to get to site of crime. Highly trained, gun adept, teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive. GREAT DETERRENT!
Police pulled over this black State Attorney — and then couldn't even explain why
It's called 'leadership', Donald. The terrorists were dead 8 minutes after police got the call. If we need an alarmist blowhard, we'll call.
It's crazy to me that adults in America are discussing how to "harden" our kids' schools, stage police everywhere or train teachers to act like paramilitary troops, rather than simply refusing to live in a society where people legally carry war machines around.
Police are systemically racist.
Police act stupidly.
Police are overmilitarized.
Give the police all your guns.
Hey, guys, you can't expect armed police to charge mass shooters.
All of these statements are being promulgated by the same people.
I wish these white people got this angry when police murdered a 12 year old child in a park in Cleveland
Body cam footage caught police planting cocaine on a Black suspect
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Fuck tha police coming straight from the underground, a young Nigga got it bad cause I'm brown.
A father of three victims tried to attack Larry Nassar in the courtroom before being restrained by police.
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Remember, if you're grief-stricken and horrified when an innocent person is shot & killed by police, then you hate law enforcement. But if you want the the #2 at the FBI hauled out in cuffs because of his wife's political affiliation then you're a good law and order conservative.
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