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Police Minister Bheki Cele says the lifting of alcohol ban means that immediately 5,000 hospital beds will be occupied. He says this is not going to help, considering the rising number of COVID-19 cases. #Day58ofLockdown 

Police Minister, Bheki Cele says buying cigarettes during the lockdown is illegal. #DStv403 

Police Minister Bheki Cele won't answer questions about whether alcohol and cigarette ban will continue until level 1. It's not fro him to speak on behalf of the NCC, he says.

Police Minister Bheki Cele says the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng have had the most cases of the contravention of lockdown regulations #SABCNews 

Police Minister, Bheki Cele says the rise in Gender-Based Violence is due to the number of distressed calls made to the GBV Command Centre. #DStv403 

#Covid19SA Police Minister Bheki Cele is giving an update on the polices enforcement of covid 19 regulations following visits to provinces to assess compliance. TK

R2.6m in illegal cigarettes or alcohol seized on SA's borders since start of lockdown: Cele: Police minister Bheki Cele says organised crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown to expand ilegal trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and…

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WATCH LIVE | Bheki Cele on SA's compliance with lockdown regulations: Police minister Bheki Cele will brief the media on the levels of compliance with the lockdown regulations in SA.

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LIVE NOW: Police Minister Bheki Cele says with the highest coronavirus positive cases recorded the most lockdown arrests. Over 200,000 total arrests were recorded by the end of May.

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LIVE | Police Minister, General Bheki Cele holds a virtual media briefing updating the nation on how far police have come in enforcing the COVID-19 Disaster Management Lockdown Regulations#sabcnews 


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Police Minister Bheki Cele says the National Command Council may decide to move certain areas back to Level 5 of the lockdown.

Police Minister Bheki Cele says that alcohol should not be the centre of concern when the world is facing mass deaths because of COVID-19. He said that there won't be a lifting of the ban on selling alcohol during the lockdown. #Day16ofLockdown  Courtesy#DStv403 

Police Minister Bheki Cele has clarified that restaurants, pubs and other establishments may continue operating past 6pm. But, they won't be allowed to sell alcohol after 6pm. #TheLead  with @ShahanR  Courtesy#DStv403 

Police Minister Bheki Cele isn't ruling out extending the lockdown. He says government's first priority is ensuring people are safe. #21daysLockdownSouthAfrica  courtesy #DStv403 

Police Minister Bheki Cele outlines all prohibited acts during the #SouthAfricaLockdown . Walking dogs is one of the acts that is prohibited despite earlier reports that it will be allowed. #COVID-19SA  #CoronavirusPandemic 

Two South Africans with the coronavirus have been charged with attempted murder after they refused to obey self-isolation orders and continued to move around, according to South African Police MinisterBheki Cele.

WATCH | The sale of alcohol will not be permitted during #21daysLockdown  says minister of police, Bheki Cele. #SouthAfricaLockdown 

Police Minister, Bheki Cele says those who are not willing to abide by measures put in place to curb the #CoronavirusPandemic , should brace themselves for jail time. This includes alcohol traders and those spreading fake news about the virus. #DStv403  #COVID-19SA 

LIVE NOW: Minister of Police Bheki Cele says NO DOG-WALKING outside your yard. Also, these places are some that will be CLOSED during the lockdown: Beaches taverns, shebeens, shisa nyamas, cinemas, malls (excluding grocery shops & pharmacies).

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