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The Irondale Police Department is asking for help locating 76-year-old Howard Donald Warren, who has been missing since Monday afternoon.

BABY TRUMP DEFLATED: A man in an Alabama t-shirt screamed at protesters against Donald Trump attending the LSU-Alabama game, then he slashed a 'Baby Trump' balloon. Police led him away in handcuffs. #1  LSU beat #2  Alabama 46-41.

LETTERS: Now that Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has announced his retirement, it is time for President Donald Trump’s super cop to come forward to announce his plans for cleaning up crime in Chicago once and for all.

Police say Donald Bucher, 60, of Oswego, died when a truck hit him while crossing the street.

Law enforcement agencies including the National Sheriffs’ Association and Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the bill, citing a well-documented connection between animal cruelty and violence against people. The bill now goes to President Donald Trump.

62-year-old Donald Lowe and 32-year-old Cheryl Nicholl were both found shot to death in their Towercrest Drive home Saturday around midnight. Police said Nicholl knew the suspect, @NatatTheSpec  reports #HamOnt 

Members of r/The_Donald, a community of over 700,000 Trump supporters on Reddit that has been censored by the site administrators, have compiled a report on posts promoting violence against the police from other users of Reddit.

After President Donald Trump lobbed a new insult against Chicago's police superintendent on Twitter, Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired back, accusing Trump of perpetrating a crime wave from the White House.

Donald Trump, who has often made Chicago a political punching bag, did so again while tweeting about the city's superintendent of police Friday.


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A former New Jersey police chief called Donald Trump the "last hope for white people" and used racial slurs hours after allegedly using excessive force on a handcuffed black man, according to prosecutors

BREAKING: Police: Donald Trump Jr.'s wife taken to New York hospital after opening letter containing white powder.

....DonaldTrump, and now we find out that there wasn’t even a hearing - that Donald Trump’s 4th Amendment right to privacy was signed away...and someone in there is swearing that this stuff is true, when it wasn’t? This is the scandal here - a police state.” Dan Bongino

Donald Trump says he will “always support” law enforcement. But his campaign won’t pay police bills cities send him for his MAGA rallies.

Muslim woman in Louisiana who reported Donald Trump-inspired attack admits she made it up, police say.

On this exact day 30 years ago, a woman was raped in Central Park. Five black + brown boys were framed for her rape. The story you know is the lie that police, prosecutors and Donald Trump told you. WHEN THEY SEE US is the story of the boys from their eyes and their hearts.

Camilla Hudson, a black woman, says white CVS manager, Morry Matson, called police because she had wrong coupon. Matson is running for 48th Ward alderman. He was a state delegate for Donald Trump in the 2016 election #CouponBill  #SundayMorning 

JUST IN: Letter sent to Donald Trump Jr.'s apartment containing unidentified white powder, NYPD says, and opened by his wife; she and two others were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene. Police and Secret Service are investigating.

The #TakeAKnee  protests are about police murdering black people, not Donald f*cking Trump

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