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2 Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers conducted 7-hour flight over neutral waters of Baltic Sea. They were escorted by warplanes of Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden

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Feel like they are citizens of the European Union. Luxembourg: 89% Germany: 86% Ireland: 85% Spain: 83% Sweden: 82% Hungary: 80% Poland: 79% Belgium: 79% Denmark: 78% Portugal: 78% Netherlands: 75% Austria: 75% France: 62% Italy: 59% UK: 58% Greece: 52% (Eurobarometer)

Share of global chocolate consumption, 2020. United States: 18% Russia: 11% United Kingdom: 9% Germany: 7% Brazil: 4% India: 3% Poland: 3% France: 3% China: 3% (Rabobank)

“I doubt very much whether President Trump has ever heard the expression autocratic capture, nor do I imagine he cares much about how politics or business operates in Turkey or Poland. But instinctively, it’s the policy he pursues.”

Russia and Poland are sniping at each other on Twitter over who actually invaded Poland in WWIi

Of course, it is true that the Soviets never recognized the territory east of the so-called Curzon Line drawn at Versailles which the Poles won from them in the Polish-Soviet War. But it was territory that had defined Poland’s effective borders since 1921.

A @USArmy  regional support group was activated that is capable of supporting thousands of soldiers such as those in Poland, where troops are deployed to deter Russian activities.

Eighty years after the Soviet invasion of Poland, the Western Left is still playing apologist for Russia | @DanielJHannan 

A technical delegation from Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, #RTA , has recently visited one of Alstom’s trains manufacturing establishments in Poland to examine the manufacturing of equipment used in #Route2020  project trains.


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The average cost of college tuition in: Denmark: $0 / year Finland: $0 / year Germany: $0 / year Norway: $0 /year Poland: $0 / year Sweden: $0 / year United States: $8,202 / year College for All is not an impossible idea.

Trump was supposed to be in Poland this weekend. He said he canceled the trip to monitor Hurricane Dorian. He just choppered from Camp David to his golf course in VA.

My dad was born in Poland. Do you know how many people ever asked me whether or not I was born in America? Nobody ever asked me that.

I meet and talk to “foreign governments” every day. I just met with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Wales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom, the P.M. of Ireland, the President of France and the President of Poland. We talked about “Everything!” Should I immediately....

It was a pleasure to host my friends President Andrzej Duda and Mrs. Agata Kornhauser-Duda of Poland at the @WhiteHouse  today. U.S.-Poland ties are at an all-time high. Thank you for being such an exemplary Ally!

Remember: our "crazy idea" of universal health care is a reality in: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Rep. Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal S. Korea Spain Sweden Switz. Turkey U.K.

Poland, a great country - Congratulations on the 100th Anniversary of your Independence. I will never forget my time there!

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Finally here. #poland  . And I got a library . Anyone have a good book to recommend?