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Want to be a guest on more podcasts? Check out: "7 Tips for Creating Podcast Pitches that Work" from @MichLovesMoney 

PR people pitching clients to be on the podcast to talk about #coronavirus .... please... STOP! you people are coming across as deranged--and your clients look insane for hiring you. seriously, should I start sharing these pitches??

Mon plan, draft: Slow start; write for @zdnetaustralia , finally; story pitches; continue yesterday’s thread on podcast tech hints .

Film Session | Uncut Gems • 1-on-1 w/ @davidaldridgedc  • SQUAD | All-Sitcom • The Case Of The Mysterious Raptors AutographBeach Steppin' • No BuffsStupid NBA Podcast Pitches Good week. Love y'all. 🙏 Apple: Spotify:

Note to all PRs. The world is burning. I don't need any pitches from executives who want to be on my podcast talking about digital transformation - look outside your window #Covid19  #coronavirus  #digitaltransformation  #cxfiles 

really strange to get PR pitches around the #coronavirus  for the podcast. I know you think you're being helpful PR people, but... really?

On the latest Up In The Blue Seats podcast, @RonDuguay10  is joined by his former teammate Don Murdoch, who looks back at Studio 54 memories, including throwing pitches at 6am in Goose Gossage's backyard

Fri plan, draft: Slow start; prep for then 1130 podcast recording (someone else’s not mine); administrivia; story pitches; think about what I’ll do next week; TGIF, but probably a quiet one.

Astros hitters have already been hit by pitches 7 times. @scott_pianowski  and @FredZinkieMLB  discuss how the situation affects your fantasy drafts 📺 Listen to the full conversation on the fantasy baseball podcast! APPLE: SPOTIFY:

The #IowaCaucuses  are finally here. The NPR Politics Podcast team spent the weekend driving hundreds of miles to see Democratic candidates make their final pitches to voters — and got lost a few times along the way. 🎧 Listen now:


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"Forget stuff about the ball, it's the pitches that are the issue." @markbutcher72  warns against complaints about the Kookaburra ball on the latest Switch Hit podcast. Spotify ? Apple Podcasts ?

Why aren't England producing Test batsmen? Is it pitches, balls, playing conditions...? @markbutcher72  suggests the debate is being over-complicated on this week's #SwitchHit  podcast

#Phillies 1B Logan Morrison discussing how he identifies when guys are tipping pitches. Hear the entire interview on the latest CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast:

Wanted to dust off my podcast skills and meet some OG entrepreneurs from outside of the Silicon Valley bubble and beyond the millennial founders I'm used to taking pitches from and working with at . This is . #BusinessSchooledov '>Dropping #BusinessSchooledov  24.

Why do pitches to leaders often end up going nowhere and what can you do to turn that around? Listen to the podcast for advice st #WIHIaight  from two health care leaders, Angela Shippy, MD, FACP, FHM, and . #HCLDR  #HCSM 

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Six months of piano lessons improved kids' brain responses to different pitches, and helped them tell apart two similar-sounding words. podcast by

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listen: "diversity" is not a pitch. the fact that your company or book or project cares is tackling "diversity" does not make it news- or podcast-worthy. cut those pitches out.

Netflix sees 7-10 pitches a day for new projects. I never realized this but they’re basically like a VC Fund that picks TV shows & movies per podcast w/Netflix Chief Content OfficerTed Sarandos

New BS Podcast: @michaelb4jordan  on "Creed," Uncle Sly, the Rocky films, Wire vs. FNL & rejecting my movie pitches.

Scotland vote - both sides make their final pitches. Download the #DailyCommute  free podcast

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