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Steve Nash
kevin durants 38 pts in the half of a playoff game are 3 more than steve nashs 35 in 2005 vs dallas its not ne
Kevin Durant’s 38 pts in the half of a playoff game are 3 more than steve nash’s 35 in 2005 vs Dallas. It’s not nearly as impressive though because there are more possessions in today’s game. And because Kevin Durant is taller and better at basketball.
the official end of an era the spurs trio won 701 regular season and playoff games together more than any trio
The official end of an era.

The Spurs' trio won 701 regular season and playoff games together, more than any trio in NBA history.
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the answer turns 44 today 11x all star 2001 mvp 4x scoring champion 2nd all time playoff scoring avg introduce
"The Answer" turns 44 today 🎈

▪️ 11x All-Star
▪️ 2001 MVP
▪️ 4x scoring champion
▪️ 2nd all-time playoff scoring avg
▪️ Introduced today's NBA style
LeBron James
thats exactly why i dont wanna hear all that analytics talk in playoff games when it usually come down to 1 2
That’s exactly why I don’t wanna hear all that analytics talk! In PLAYOFF games when it usually come down to 1/2 possession games down the stretch, just get me bucket! The best shot during that possession. And if it’s a Pull-up 2 then so be it cause it was the best SHOT!
the cavs potential lineup come playoff time
The Cavs’ potential lineup come playoff time. 👀
the warriors are now the only team to blow a 3 1 lead in the nba finals and a 31 point lead in a playoff game
The Warriors are now the only team to blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and a 31-point lead in a playoff game. #SCFacts
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kenny moore went from d ii to the highest paid slot cb in the nfl valdosta state undersized for nfl 5 9 185 po
Kenny Moore went from D-II to the highest-paid slot CB in the NFL.

◾️Valdosta State
◾️Undersized for NFL
◾️5'9", 185 pounds
◾️Waived by Patriots
◾️Signed by Colts
◾️Won starting job
◾️Turned secondary around
◾️Set Colts’ playoff sacks record
◾️4-year extension
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lamar jackson s rookie season 4 qbs drafted ahead of him gets starting job in week 11 with ravens 4 5 goes 6 1
Lamar Jackson's rookie season:

•4 QBs drafted ahead of him
•Gets starting job in Week 11, with Ravens 4-5
•Goes 6-1 to finish the season
•Only first-round QB to make the playoffs
•Youngest QB ever to start a playoff game

His future is bright 🙌
shannon sharpe
for all you fake ass raven fans bashing lamar jackson and wanting flacco to play flaccos 1st playoff start he
For all you “FAKE ASS” Raven fans bashing Lamar Jackson and wanting Flacco to play. Flacco’s 1st playoff start he was 4-10 for 34 yds and int. Ravens rushed for over 200yds on 40 rushes in the win. Stop acting like Flacco was Brady of today in his playoff start. FOH.
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no playoff basketball tonight
No playoff basketball tonight:
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