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We sat with @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN to talk #DeathStranding, #HorizonZeroDawn, and the future of #PlayStation.
We discuss the present and future of Paragon on the latest PlayStation Blogcast:
#WWE2K17 's Hall of Fame Showcase DLC is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles February 21, with PC available in the near future!
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The Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live Season Pass is now live! Get it today and enhance the PlayStation®VR experience.
PSX got me so excited for the future of PSVR that I made a show about it and all the stuff I slept on since launch. The first episode of The PlayStation VR Show is up on YouTube for all to enjoy. Lemme know what you think:
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Sony CEO Kaz Hirai discusses the company's strategy beyond Playstation and its future in robotics
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