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This is why we love sports.

High school basketball manager Alyna Macias got the chance to play in the final game of the year.
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Called up to play varsity basketball in fifth grade, Julian Newman is making high school basketball history (h/t @Ballislife)
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Autistic boy left in tears after teacher swipes mic before his turn in school #Thanksgiving play
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My mom was literally in front of the stage filming me on her camera as if I was 10 years old in a school play
This I Want for Xmas: the instrument I played in middle/high school - a French horn (brass, not blue. Sorry, Ted). I’d love to relearn how to play one again.
In high school when girls were like Bruno you play piano?? 😮😂
.@BenSimmons25 was ready to play in the @NBA right out of high school, so why couldn’t he?

Watch #ONEandDONE, Friday 9p ET/PT on @Showtime
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Today, I had the honor of welcoming students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for a conversation in my office at the Capitol along with @RepTedDeutch. Their dedication & sophisticated understanding of the forces at play are truly something to behold. #NeverAgain
A high school team pulled off the most insane and outrageous lateral play for a TD. Enjoy. (via @Jason_Howell, @TexAgs)
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