Results for 'Play School' Create an alert what's this I hear about some of you wanting me to play Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus? Tell me more...
Autistic boy left in tears after teacher swipes mic before his turn in school #Thanksgiving play
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.@BenSimmons25 was ready to play in the @NBA right out of high school, so why couldn’t he?

Watch #ONEandDONE, Friday 9p ET/PT on @Showtime
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My mom was literally in front of the stage filming me on her camera as if I was 10 years old in a school play
A high school team pulled off the most insane and outrageous lateral play for a TD. Enjoy. (via @Jason_Howell, @TexAgs)
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2012 Cardale Jones: "We ain't come to play school"
Present day Cardale Jones: "Chill bro, play school"
Old-school fidget spinner back when the only things to play with were squirrels and rocks
If you portrayed an inanimate object in your elementary school play, I wonder how much it sealed your destiny. #AmIATree
Brian Cant, former presenter of BBC children's shows Play School & Play Away, has died aged 83, his family says
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