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This is why we love sports.

High school basketball manager Alyna Macias got the chance to play in the final game of the year.
Video player what's this I hear about some of you wanting me to play Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus? Tell me more...
Called up to play varsity basketball in fifth grade, Julian Newman is making high school basketball history (h/t @Ballislife)
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Autistic boy left in tears after teacher swipes mic before his turn in school #Thanksgiving play
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This I Want for Xmas: the instrument I played in middle/high school - a French horn (brass, not blue. Sorry, Ted). I’d love to relearn how to play one again.
In high school when girls were like Bruno you play piano?? 😮😂
My mom was literally in front of the stage filming me on her camera as if I was 10 years old in a school play
.@BenSimmons25 was ready to play in the @NBA right out of high school, so why couldn’t he?

Watch #ONEandDONE, Friday 9p ET/PT on @Showtime
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